Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Was Done, Now What To Do

I got two kids out of the house today. So is on a trip with my local community center and Ro is having a play date with a friend. Ate is occupying himself with a slew of his sisters' toys as they are away and unsuspecting.

What to do tomorrow, is anybody's guess. But today, I was able to UNPACK!!! This is a record for me, as it usually takes me some serious recovery time after a 3 night 4 day get away, before I can look at my luggage. But what you don't look at, you trip over, so away it went.

Hun, who has been extremely busy has just informed me that tonight he is driving to Wisconsin because he made meetings with two dairy farms tomorrow. I realize I have mentioned in previous posts that he has a food manufacturing business, but failed to men
tion that this food item is actually, CHEESE.

As soon as he told me of his
business trip plans, my wheels started turning and I thought, "is there an indoor water park hotel around this area you are traveling to"? But he heard my wheels turning and responded, "YOU ARE NOT COMING". And by "you" he meant, the kids. So that's out for tomorrow's plans. If it was summer, I would so push it - and take the kids myself to a dairy farm. I always wanted to milk a cow.

Anyway, at least this past weekend went well. My k
ids slept well (after the kids from the room across from me, making a ruckus, were finally leashed back up and wrangled back to their room) that is.

We went swimming, visited the "Jelly Belly" jelly bean facto
ry (which my biggest kid of all, loved the most due to the fact that he was in factory heaven. Well it was more like "the warehouse" part, but he liked the shelving they had to hold their pallets of jelly beans. I had to hold him back and convince him, that just because he had a hair net in his pocket from the cheese factory, he could not just put it on and sneak into the jelly bean factory unnoticed.

My kids especially liked the sample bags of jelly beans they each received at the end of the tram ride factory warehouse tou
r. The hotel we returned to, probably did not like the dents they left in the walls as they bounced off from a sugar rush.

There was also the very thoughtful, kids magic show Saturday night, that the youth group we were with organized. If my two year old was not so enthralled with the show himself, I would have just left So and Ro in the room with all the other children and parents and gone off for my own R&R, but Hun and I stayed and subjected ourselves to the humility that is a children specific magician.

And Ate sat right under the magician's nose, watching wide eyed, until as part of his act, the magician made a balloon dog, threw it on the floor right in front of Ate and stomped on it, causing the obvious balloon POP! At this point, my traumatized two year old ran over and sat on my lap. And only a moment later I was traumatized as well, when So was called up to partake in a pathetic illusion trick, and I saw this...

I don't know what freaked me out more - the illusion of my six year old levitating, or that this guy was handling her.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Now what do I do?

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