Thursday, December 11, 2008

EXTRA, EXTRA : Because I Needed To Put The Pictures Somewhere

I stole these pics from a photographer (sorry Yudi). But if you live in Chi town, look up "Rine Photography" they do great work.

So the first pic is of Hun and myself (which I am sure he will be very happy to know that I put up here). Just keep in mind, I currently retain extra fluid, on account of the pregnancy. Who am I kidding, I have been eating like a fox in a hen house.

The second pic (as good as it'll get) is the centerpiece that was made for 12 cocktail tables during the reception. It was a Target purchased, brownish square salad sized plate with gold leafing throughout one corner. On top of the gold leafing area was a transparent glass candle dish from the dollar store. In the dish was one round gold candle. And on the other corner of the plate, next to the glass dish was my own homemade swag. I cut a window curtain into 12 equal pieces. The curtain was a sheer brownish color with embroidered leafing of bronze and light green colors - also a Target special. I turned it into a bowish type shape and centered gold beads and white clay flowers with green leafs and a gold framed pearl in the center. All of this sat on a gold crushed table cloth.

In the final picture, is the dinner centerpieces. A gold charger had dried, shellacked leaves and pine cones and or gourds of some sort spread around a glass garden bowl. The bowl was filled with clear acrylic chips which contained 4 small led lights hidden inside for a bluish glow. In the chips sat a battery operated water fall that had a place for two tea lights. Also 3 votive candles surrounded this whole centerpiece. One I placed in a sheer, gold organza bag. One I hot glued sheer bronze and gold ribbon around. And the other one came with a white on glass design.

We also thought of putting candy in a tall martini glass to offset the lower centerpiece. We placed this on a bronze L'Amour table cloth with a gold lame (pronounced luh - may, not as in they were lame or boring) runner down the middle and gold L'Amour napkins (which I noticed actually showed up in different shades).

It was fun, but it is soooooo over. Until next year, anyway.

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