Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have recently made a few "discoveries" and what do you know? It makes for really great mundane blogging material.

1. I just became aware of the fact that my, almost five year old Ro and my two year old Ate officially have the same shoe size and Ro weighs only two pounds more than Ate.

2. Ugly, damaging, water stains on one's family room ceiling does not go away just by ignoring it.

3. Garage doors begin to work again after two weeks of not working when your husband finally takes a look at it.

4. Snow is not my friend. (Okay, this one is not such a RECENT discovery, but it leads into number 5.)

5. When your six year old disobeys you, it just may be a really good thing that she did.
I will elaborate on this one.

Yesterday, Tuesday (aka, the most putrid day of the week for me, due to the carpool and six treks in and out of the house with various kids that have to be bundled, unbundled and bundled and...), started out cold, but snowless.

I took So's carpool, which actually went pretty well and then returned home for Ro and Ate. After a three week search, I finally had some great, "Kamik" boots to try on Ate, but he was not having it. This meant I would have to carry him over icy spots, which I have all the energy in the world for. I finally got them to school and after Ate refused to allow me to remove all his winter attire (which took me a good twenty minutes to get on him in the first place) I just walked him into his room, and left the undressing task to his teacher.

On my way out, the snow was already beginning to fall and "they" (my local weather experts) estimated it would fall all day and night bringing 3-5 inches.

I had to return to the little kids school to pick up Ate at 12:00, while Ro would remain until 2:00, for her tumbling class. Ate was already exhausted and very nap ready at 12:00, but I had to keep him awake so he could escort me at 2:00 to pick up Ro. And at 1:30, I began the rebundling of a very overtired Ate, who kept removing every item I was getting on him. However, I convinced him to get his new boots on by telling him he could only come with me to get Ro if he wore the boots. This was a total lie, of course, because I HAD to take him, since no one so generously offered to watch him in my house.

Anyway, when I arrived home with Ate and Ro after 2:00 and got them in to nap, the snow was quite prominent and this is when I made the decision to have So skip her gymnastics class. Usually, on Tuesdays, instead of coming home on her regular bus which usually drops her off shortly after 4:30, she goes home with friend E. on a different bus, and E.'s mom takes them to gymnastics, and I pick them up at 5:45. But yesterday, I could not imagine how I would find the energy to drive in a significant snowfall, yet again, and so I called So's school and had them get the message to her that she needed to come home on her regular bus.

At 4:00, I had a message playing on my phone, that So's bus would be 25-30 minutes late. I expected this, because of the snow. I thought, poor So, she won't get home from school until 5:00 now. But at about 4:30, I received a call from a friend. It was E.'s mom.

"Guess who I have? So is here with E., what do you want me to do?"

"What, that child (yes we refer to our children in third person when we are none too happy) why is she there?"

"I asked her, and So said that the teacher DID give her the message that she should go home on her regular bus, but So DECIDED the teacher is wrong."

Well since she is there already, she may as well go to gymnastics. I just can't believe I have to go out now at 5:45 and get her.

Well my very lovely friend, E.'s mom, who was planning on attending the gymnastics class yesterday to watch E. since it was the last class of this session, offered to go 8 blocks out of her way in the snow storm to bring So home. That is a very kind friend. (Thanks again A.)

The "punchline" of this story - drum roll please..........

So's regular bus, the one I called up the school to tell her to get her little tushy on so she could come straight home, did not arrive until 6:15 pm. This was a whole hour and 45 minutes later than usual. In fact, E.'s mom, passed the bus AFTER she dropped off So at my house when gymnastics was done.

And I still had to discipline So for disobeying me. But I could not be too hard on her, because ultimately, her disobedience gave her another gymnastics class, and kept her from the ill circumstances that some other kids had to fare yesterday.

So I guess I discovered irony as well.

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