Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's that time of week again -

Terrible Tuesday
Tough Tuesday
Torturous Tuesday

How many loathing adjectives can I come up with to describe Tuesday.

Tell it to my Mama, Tuesday

Talk to the hand, Tuesday

Take That! Tuesday

Ten (or more) things I hate about Tuesday, Tuesday

Tickle me Elmo, Tuesday (ok, I have no idea what I mean by this one)

Trials and Tribulations, Tuesday

Tension inducing Tuesday

Take a shot of Glenfiddich, Special reserve, Single Malt, Tuesday

As usual, my day of shuffling kids around from place to place did not go off without a hitch. Because last night I was out late and my kids via the babysitters (aka Bobby and Zeidy) did not get to bed until late as well, we all woke late today and it was rush, rush, rush to get out with So for my carpool.

For the third week in a row, one of my carpool parents held up the carpool because she forgot something. This week, as I was buckling her kids into the car, she realized that in Chicago in December, with snow and ice on the ground, she SHOULD put boots on them. Last week she forgot until the last minute that it was picture day and she needed to fill out the order forms. Okay, that was yesterday and someone else was doing carpool. But last week on my carpool day she forgot, well, she and her kids forgot to wake up.... until they heard me honking, that is.

Then I had to deal with the two "mini teens" in my car who have a best friend/not friends relationship. When E. began to talk about her fifth wiggly tooth that was about to fall out, this made my beautiful So very sad. As I mentioned before, So is quite precocious and does not like to be behind on anything. She is six and there is no tooth loss yet, and not even a sign of an impending tooth loss. I tried to appease So by reminding her that E. is actually six months older than her, and it is not surprising that she is therefore losing her teeth first. But then, lovely, adorable, means well E. said, "But I started losing my teeth when I was five and 1/2". At this point I was pulling up to school and So burst out crying and refused to go to school. I needed to get her out of the car, because there were three kids in the row behind her who could not get out until I folded So's seat down. Anyway, threatening to take away privileges does work if one is in a tight bind. She went to school, moping all the way. Poor So. On the bright side, if she has my genes, she definitely won't be behind when puberty hits. Although I can't guarantee she still won't be crying.

On the really, really bright side

Being that it is Tuesday, means that it is no longer Monday and the dinner I had been giving my life to coordinating is HISTORY. We were working up until the last minute and of course there were some snags, but all in all I think it went pretty well, until it was time to go home, that is. I (and a few others) had to stay late to disassemble and pack up everything we had unpacked and assembled just hours earlier. I just couldn't wait to load up and go home. Finally my husband's car was loaded in the alley behind the event location and we were on our way. A truck was in the street at the end of the alley, blocking half of our exit path. The curb on the right was high and I told my hubby he wouldn't clear it, but he told me he got in this way and could get out this way. Really?

Then why did we need this guy?

We are not talking flat tire, we are talking, RIP, pfissssssssssssss.

(By the way Shosh, this is how you change a tire, it's called "AAA")

And even though AAA estimated a 90 minute wait, we don't take for granted the fact that they showed up in five minutes, and Mr. Lovely triple A guy got a hefty tip for it.

What an adventure, but we did make it home, and now I can breathe, well, maybe after Tuesday passes.

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