Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Pickle Of A Story


I was in shock this morning when I realized that my little tracker device leaped from 863 to 939 yesterday. If my math is correct, that means I received 76 hits yesterday. This was 76 page loads. And might I add, even after 76 page loads, there was only one comment (thank you Shosh).

However, I took a little looksy at some information, and realized I had a visitor from New York who took time out of their, I can only assume, very busy schedule, to read about 30 of my posts. No, I do not know who you are my very welcomed, new, New York friend. So I wonder - do I know you? Are you family? Are you a friend? Are you a complete stranger? It's so mysterious. I love it. Are you willing to come forward and introduce yourself, or will you remain a distant mystery? Or will you not even be reading this particular post because something in one of my previous posts inadvertently offended you and now you will never return?

And now I digress...

This morning, my six year old So, with the explosive imagination and too much creative energy for her own good decided to write a quick one page story in the midst of her pancake nibbles. And I share it with you, exactly as she wrote it, with no spelling corrections and no punctuation.

"The Picol"

Ones upond the time Ther was a picol named picols
he had picol friends
one day well Picol was walking He herd his Picol friends wer trapde B Hot dog fase We half too do sumthing
ase they said it it work
they wer out
yey chird picol

So what do you think? A future writer?
I love it!!!

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elisha said...

Okay, quoting someone else's comments on a different blog (thanks Chaviva)- I'm stalking your blog. I started reading rachel's blog and found so many other great blogs and yours is one. I hope it's ok. But I have been too shy to really comment. Great writing!! Your daughter's story is great! My daughters love to write stories too.

Anonymous said...


I am your anonymous NY fan. Post your email address and I will fill you in. :)

elisha said...

I hopemy comment didn't sound like I was the NY fan-I just have been reading(in Chicago) and your post inspired me to comment!

Orah said...

OOOH, I post about NY and I discover Elisha in Chicago as well. Welcome Elisha and I think lurking is way ok (although I do like the comments) I read plenty of blogs that I have not yet left comments on. Nothing wrong with that. I did notice you by your comments on other blogs, but thanks for formally introducing yourself. And NY, I did not want to post my email, but I think I will just for you, because I am waaaaaaaaaay curious.

Orah said...

Anonymous NY, the address is in my profile, but get it quick, I will probably remove it at some point.

Brie said...

I was all excited for you when I saw 5 comments but 2 are from the same person and 2 are from you. Seriously, why do all of your lurkers stay in the closet? I love your blog and whenever I have 2 hands available at the computer I always comment. That "picol" story is too cute. yay Arie Crown education.