Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me! Monday (Vacation Could Not End Sooner)

It is not me who could both love and loathe vacation at the same time.

I did not take up Mom-in-law on her offer to have all three kids over on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings of this past week.

I was not then a terribly annoyed and ungrateful daughter-in-law when my Mom-in-law called Wednesday night to say the following,

"I just realized tomorrow is Christmas and Hun has off and is home, so you won't need me to take the kids in the morning..."

This did not totally kill my plans to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" with Hun while kids were SUPPOSED to be occupied by Savta (Grandma).

I did not have to, then, spend the whole day Thursday, packing a crap load of unnecessary items for a three day get away while neglecting three extremely bored children as Hun decided to catch up on two months worth of sleep on the sofa.

It was not me who felt it was so dire to get myself a manicure on Friday morning that I ignored every sane persons' pleas to stay off the extremely icy and treacherous roads for unnecessary driving.

I certainly am not a person who thinks that getting to the "manicurist" does not fall into the category of UNNECESSARY driving.

I did not witness six separate accidents between my house and the manicurist, ten minutes away and decide a manicure is still worth risking my life for. It is not me who thought, if I die on the icy roads on the way home, at least my nails will look superb.

I did not spend the entire weekend getaway, dumping the kids on Hun whenever I could, because I felt he had to make up for some lost time - including the day long nap on the sofa Thursday.

I do not totally rock because I took the kids to the Jelly Belly, Jelly bean factory on Sunday and they got to eat an entire bag of jelly beans in one sitting. I did not then have to apologize to the hotel for the dents my kids left in the walls as they bounced off of them from a sugar rush.

It was not my biggest kid of all who loved the trip to the factory the most, because as a factory owner himself, he was in factory heaven.

I am not going to call Mom-in-law right now to see which days this week she would like to spend with her Grandchildren.

I certainly am not counting the days until the kids return to school as well as the number of gray hairs I am developing over their time off.

What are you not up too during vacation?

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Anonymous said...

I am wishing I had someone to pass my kids of on right now! LOL! :) Work was all to bittersweet this morning...but I still left early :) Have a great week!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

The jelly belly factory sounds awesome!
NOw, you need to post a pic of this manicure, so we can all see it!

Anonymous said...

Even I'm mad at your mother in law now....