Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Treadmill or Boots?

I really wanted to post earlier, but I knew I was going to be out today, so I left the desperate and pathetic earlier post to fill the void. And I thank Shira and Brie.

Does shopping count as exercise? Because I told myself that when the dinner I was coordinating was over, I would get my lazy no longer too busy, behind back on the treadmill. I mean, being pregnant has its weight gaining advantages, but c'mon. I don't need both the stomach AND the backside.

I went off to the mall with my coupons to scout out the boots and shoes.
The reason: Because I need them. Okay, I have to have them. Alright, I could really use them. Because my feet are two of the only things that have not grown in size. Who cares what the reason is, I went and I conquered.

I got two pair of shoes and boots at Lord and Taylor. (I never feel guilty purchasing there because it's like giving money to G-d and His handyman.) Oh my, that was so sacrilegious.

I then bought two more pairs of boots at Macy's. Seriously, how many feet do I have? But, they were on sale and so comfy and cozy and warm and I HAD COUPONS.

I then began to return to my car, feeling unusually hungry at 11:15 in the morning. It might have something to do with the big, healthy breakfast I did NOT eat this morning. And that, maybe had to do with So's surprising "I don't feel well, I need to stay home today". She was in no way, shape or form - SICK, but she seemed like she needed a day off... from the really strenuous first grade. I picked the wrong time to be a "yes" mom. So has a habit of getting bored and needs to be occupied with the likes of school. So I asked, "Are you sure?" I asked this every five minutes this morning, distracting me from breakfast. At least my babysitter was here today, she would have to deal with So's boredom.

Anyway, I was now on my way back to the car, thinking about all the yummy things I could stop off and get on the way home, when I noticed a man walking parallel to me in the same direction. He was not an odd looking man, nothing really frightening about him. In fact, he opened the door for me on the way out. Yet, I was convinced he was casing me, looking for the most opportune moment to steal my purse or car-jack me.

I had my car keys wedged between my fingers (just like Officer Friendly taught me so many years ago). I was ready to gouge an eye or two out if I had too. And while being hypervigillant about where he was at all times in relationship to me, I was still thinking about pasta, or pizza. And then he went off, to his car which was two cars away from me. So my purse, my car and my life were safe, but my appetite was stirring.

On the way home I stopped off to cure me of the incessant cravings. And wouldn't you know it, the restaurant was only three doors down from the hat store. And funny enough, my head, also has not changed in size. So while my food was cooking, I went, just to visit and take a looksy. Of course there they were, the two colors I really need. And so I left with the brown hat and the grey hat, which don't match any of the boots I got. But they look good.

When I got home with whatever was left of the food that I somehow gravitated towards during my car ride, So greeted me at the door with a very insistent "I wanna go to school".

I knew this would happen. After So spent all morning at home, reading four books to Ate and making three new paintings and something I could only assume is a flower press, she was bored, and still NOT sick. And I couldn't take her now...aaagh. She was crying, who was I punishing by not figuring out how to get her to school now. It was 12:30, school doesn't end until 3:50, she could have a whole afternoon there, but I had to pick up Ro by 1:00 and then the babysitter was leaving....aaagh.

I quickly called my lovely sister-in-law who agreed to pick up Ro and bring her to my house where the babysitter waited for her. I threw a uniform on So, put some snacks in her bag and now my house is quiet, because my "bored out of her mind" So is back in school where she NEEDS to be.

I do think all this running around should be considered exercise. Of course, after unloading carbs, it seems I just reloaded them with my good eats today. So maybe treadmill tomorrow. Maybe I can treadmill in my new boots.

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Orah said...

since no one else is leaving a comment, I will leave one for myself.

Great post Orah. What kind of boots did you get? What did you eat for brunch? What will Hun say when he sees the credit card statement.

I didn't like the sacrilegious crack about Lord and Taylor (yes, I can dish out and take constructive criticism at the same time).

And if you are reading this comment, you are close enough to leave your own... -------->

Shira said...

I can no longer wear boots because I guess my legs are too swollen?! so enjoy those boots. But don't get on the treadmill wearing the boots because that will make for an extra sweaty workout.

adinab said...

i think an extra sweaty workout could be a good thing....but not if your new boots are suede. and those sprays never seem to really work.