Friday, December 12, 2008

If You See Me Coming With Bags, Don't Stand Behind Me

It is true what they say, Shopping trips do make for great blogging material.

One of the reasons I posted pics of my centerpieces yesterday, was specifically to precede what I would blog about today. The joy of making returns.

I first ran to "Target" to utilize five minutes I had before I needed to pick up Ro and Ate who were about 8 blocks away. This went pretty smoothly. I returned all 12 of the salad sized plates I used for the reception's cocktail table centerpieces. While some might say this is unethical, since they were actually used (albeit, not for food), I say it is more ethical to return money to a non-profit organization. What I mean by that, is to put money back on my credit card because the non-profit organization has not reimbursed me yet. And I DID wipe the plates down first. Anyway, I would like to consider my purchase of the plates in the first place, as a RENTAL. I got what I needed and "Target" had some of my money in the bank making them a little interest. So we all win!!!

Then I was off to "Michaels" - the craftiest craft store ever. I think I have been there a total of 8 - 10 times since September. I had to actually place all my returns in a cart before I entered the store. I returned, 5 bags of acrylic chips, 8 unopened bags of leaves and pine cones, 3 unopened bags of organza, 9 rolls of ribbon, 8 bags of river pebbles, 4 bags of round gold floating candles and 7 garden bowls (which may or may not have been used???).

(oh, before I continue, another shout out to someone who does not want shout outs, because I saw you at "Michaels" on Thursday a few lanes over, but too far to say hello. And if you happened to see me on the way out and I was not looking your way, it was not because I am rude, but quite distracted by what I will continue to blog.)

So, after waiting my turn behind two people making purchases, it was finally my turn to unload. Not like you do with a bartender, but I unloaded my cart full of crap onto an unsuspecting 19 year old, who probably worked there for only 4 weeks.

After she rang everything up, and only after, was when I realized, I should probably mention that the first receipt I had which contained the bags of pine cones and 7 garden bowls included tax, however, all the receipts after that were purchases made with a tax exempt letter and therefore, should not be returned with tax. (So I return used items, but I don't steal money - yay, I am ethical after all).

I don't think the lady waiting behind me and the 8 others behind her were impressed with my very ethical qualities when they heard the poor registrar say this -
"Oh, I think we are going to have to do this all over again"

To which, irate, impatient customer behind me responded,
"Oh mother f#%$^!"

The lovely, inept registrar began the process over and I had trust that she knew what she was doing, which may have been premature on my part. Back to irate customer -
"I think you should have the next registrar over there take me next because I have been waiting so long."

In her defense, it was taking a long time and probably my registrar could have responded in such a way to appease her, or responded altogether. But we have all been there. I have the good fortune of always picking the lines where price checks are done and credit cards don't go through and someone runs out after 86 items have already been scanned to go get five more items which are located in the farthest part of the store. Today, it sucks to be you.

And my registrar continued to rescan my returns, when the crazy lady behind me started on me -

"Maybe you should let me go ahead of you because I have been waiting so long."

"I am sorry, I realize this is cutting into your scrapbooking hour, but I am a customer too, and I waited just like you to make my returns, and s!*# happens, but do you really think I will let you with your 20 items ahead of me? And then what about the 9 people in line behind you? I think you need help, but it will not come from me. It's called a {manager}, or anger management class."

I probably did not say it in so many words, but I DID say it.

I actually don't know what happened with her, because I no longer looked behind me. But when my registrar was done, something was not kosher, and I knew the final numbers were off, and not to my advantage. But I am not a total a- hole, so I did not stand in line to figure out what was wrong, rather, I left to my car.

I pulled out my new phone with the touch screen calculator and realized they were off by about $40.00. So I went back in, waited my turn behind two people, and told the flighty 19 year old that something was not correct and maybe she should call a manager, please. (That is how you ask for help, irate customer behind me)

She figured it out, and I did indeed get about another $40.00 back.

I would have loved to hop over to "Bed Bath and Beyond" to return the 35 gold chargers, but I think "BB&B" thanks the guy who threw out the boxes they came in.

The question is, should I go back to "Michaels" and return the other 28 garden bowls that were used for the dinner centerpieces? What do you think?

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Shosh said...

ooh i want some chargers. oh wait, i have no idea how to use chargers. too fancy. but it sounded exciting.
going shopping in the holiday season is impossible because 75% of the staff is hired only for the month of december. this happened to me at old navy the other night. everyone behind me hated me.