Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me! Monday (And Then Some)

I am not thanking all the new visitors I have had since last weeks "Not me! Monday", that would be obvious big time suck up.

I was not a complete doofus last week when I linked MckMama to the "Not Me! Monday" from two weeks ago. I was not then upset that I hardly received comments. Why would I be upset that I hardly received comments on the current "Not Me! Monday" when everyone was reading the previous weeks "Not Me! Monday" It did not take me four days to discover that I actually received 7 comments on the previous weeks NM Monday.

I do not grovel for comments, pleeeeeeeeeeaaaseeee no, not me.

I did not go to the supermarket every day this week, forgetting the gallons of whole milk and skim milk that I came for. I did not give in to the kids and replace the lacking milk with soda. I did not consider giving my children cereal with soda for breakfast. That would be abhorrent.

I did not laugh hysterically when I heard Ro call So a "penis". That would only encourage her inappropriate word use and I would never encourage such a thing.

I did not follow my plumber around the house with a bottle of disinfectant, and if I did, I did not tell him it was bug spray and I was killing my mutant fruit flies. I did not then learn that these "mutant FRUIT" flies were actually flies that have been feeding on the feces that has been backing up in my ejector pump.

I did not beg my lovely husband to move immediately to a new home because ours is certainly TOXIC.

I did not cry hysterically while watching the movie "Changelings" And if I did cry, I did not let people assume I was crying at the depressing story line when in fact I was certainly not crying because I realized I will never look like Angelina Jolie does after she gives birth to babies, when I G-d willing will give birth to mine. Why would I do that when I don't look like her in the first place.

I am not giving a shout out to A. B. in Chicago. I would not do that when she specifically requested no shout outs.

I have not been secretly enjoying the fact that my cell phone is completely dead, so much so, that when I came home from a friend's birthday party Saturday night, and Hun said he was trying to get in touch with me, I responded that with the way the economy is, it is just not time to make new purchases.

I did not send my husband, yet again, with three kids to swimming lessons so I could do nothing get a lot of necessary things done in the house.

When the co-chairman of my banquet coordinating committee called me, on Sunday to figure out when we would leave to the place our organization's dinner is taking place on Monday, I did not make plans to leave at 3 pm and then say, "Great, I'll see you next week" when the dinner is in fact, TONIGHT.

I certainly, in no way, shape or form, have "pregnant" brain.

What did y'all not do this week?

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Dee said... cell is so broke too..and I'm in NO hurry to fix it!

Midwest Mommy said...

We went to pay as you go phones... I am so over cell phones :-)

elisha said...

Funny post!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the no shout out!

DESJ and Company said...

ooh la la-I'm comment 5 :)

LucieP said...

You are a funny girl!

enjoy the quiet cell phone!

Brie said...

Yay more comments for Orah! This is my midnight nursing entertainment.

adinab said...

i can't wait to see what ro is like when she gets older.....that "penis" thing was hysterical. i told eric about it and we both cracked up together....