Sunday, December 14, 2008


My kids have always been pretty animated kids. You never know what to expect from them. Of course, like many mothers, I think they are the funniest human beings on the face of the earth. And they are constantly entertaining me, probably not consciously on their part. But, they not only make me laugh, they sometimes make me cry.

What makes me laugh?

This little boy who amuses himself and me by spontaneously wrapping freshly laundered t-shirts, undershirts, and briefs around his head. He looks like he is about to trek through the desert.

Seriously, those "Sand Troopers" out of "Star Wars".

And what brings me joy?

All the beautiful pictures So can make on the first piece of material she finds. Sometimes it's a paper plate, an old envelope, a leaf... This day, a paper towel becomes adorned with her image of a "Tooth Fairy".

And what makes me cry?

When my six year old is so sad that everyone around her is loosing teeth and she is not, that she resorts to writing a letter to the tooth fairy on the back of that paper towel.

Some six year old kids are writing to Santa Clause this time of year, my beautiful So just wants one thing and one thing only - to loose some teeth. And who else can help with that, if not the tooth fairy?

Unless I punch her in the mouth, as one of my well intentioned friends suggested, there is nothing I can do but reassure her that her days of loosing teeth will come. I have tried to appease her in every way I could possibly imagine, but nothing I say seems to help.

Anyone have any suggestions, as to how I can lessen her sadness until her day comes?

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