Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Today has just been Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!

And there is no sarcastic tone to be derived here.

First off, after one year and four months of hosting my parents in my home while their house was under construction, THEY ARE MOVING OUT!!!

The movers, who were supposed to be here yesterday, but delayed due to crappy weather, have arrived today. Albeit, they arrived with two OPEN pick up trucks as sleet rains down,(guess Dad should have done his research when he ordered the cheapo movers). But, they are here nonetheless. I almost don't care that they are bringing black slush into my house and spreading the black slush, movin' out cheer all over my light colored carpet. This is the best Chanukah present EVER!!!

And another great present, will be the carpet cleaners my parents will send here in the spring.

But, I am sure I will blog more about this tomorrow, because some more excitement to report today -

My Mom-in-law, aka Savta, took the kids to her house for the entire morning. Everyone needs a Savta every so often.

Furthermore -

My husband, who I have barely seen the last two months and have not seen at all this past week, called with the news.

He passed!!!

Passed what, you ask?

For two months, Hun has been preparing for an audit. Not as in the IRS, but an audit that one food manufacturing company does to another when they are purchasing food product from that company to utilize as ingredients in their own company. It is a myriad of checks, to make sure that you are following regulations that assure them your product is safe, blah, blah, blah.

Fore those of you who work in the Health Care business and know what OSHA is, it is sort of like that. So much preparation is needed, that I have pretty much been a single parent for two months, give or take.

Last night Hun did not get home until after 10:00 PM and he was already gone by 5:00 AM. I did not hear him leave, but I looked over and my husband had been replaced by one six year old who is milking her tonsillectomy recovery for all it's worth. That was the last night So, I am locking my door tonight.

So Hun just called that the audit went well, and he should be able to leave work by 3:00. This is GREAT, because - get ready for more excitement

My dad is taking us all out to eat tonight. Yay, I don't have to cook.

And I used this as leverage to get all my kids to nap, so besides the annoying movers, my house is quiet. I am gettin' on my treadmill and taking a nice looooooooong shower.

Exciting right?


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