Friday, December 12, 2008

I Am Freeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sara, this one is just for you

I HATE, and I say it, because I am not afraid of any libel suit. Bring it on!

This, I LOVE!!!!!
It is not like I have all the time in the world on a Friday, to blog. But I needed a place to vent.

I am officially Osco free. I don't know why I left my last two prescriptions there in the first place.

I called in two prescriptions this morning, and the "ready" time given to me was 12:00 pm. I was there after 12:30 and told them my name, thinking the prescriptions would be on the rack, all ready to be picked up. Why do I give them that much credit? This one lady looks it up on the computer, and without saying a word, no
"I am sorry, it is not ready, let me get it now."

She just walks off.

And I see her opening boxes and counting out pills, etc...

So she walks back over to me, still without the pills because she has pawned it off on some other 21 year old pharmacist, and what doe she say to me?

"I am sorry, they are being finished up, please excuse our sorry, pathetic customer service and we apologize profusely."

Uhhhh, no, in my wildest dreams, they would actually say that. What she really said,
"Please move down and he will bring your prescription when it's ready."

So I still kept my mouth shut at this point. And he brought the prescription over and the first lady rang me up, and then I said,
"Now I would like you to transfer the rest of these two prescriptions over to Target."

"That is not how we usually do it."

"Well that is how you WILL do it, just like the other five times I had to tell you to transfer prescriptions because you didn't bother to call me and let me know they weren't in stock before I drove down here."

"Well usually you have to have the Target pharmacy call us to get the prescription..."

"Oh, I need to have the lovely Target people go out of the way to make a phone call, to you, to get a prescription that you screwed up, I don't think so. I have watched you make the call before, and I am sure you can do it again."

"Okay, we will call and transfer the prescription..."

I stand there for a minute while this person called a pharmacist is about to move on to something else (at this point, no other customer has arrived) and I say,

"I don't think you understand, I would like you to make the phone call to the other store, while I am here, so I know it is done."

(Do you think I have enough faith in you to go home and just expect this transfer to come to fruition)

So of course she pawns the phone call off onto that other, 21 year old pharmacist.

I did watch him try to call, and the Target pharmacist had stepped out for a minute and would have to call him back. So he walks over to me and says,
"They are going to call back, so (motioning me over to the wall) if you'd kindly wait a few minutes"

C'mon, you and I both know that the word "few" can not be guaranteed, so I say
"Why don't I go now and, you call me at home to let me know it was taken care of."

"Oh, you want, we should CALL you?"


I realize, I have been asking for A LOT, but that would be a good idea.

Oh, and as I was leaving, Sara, I saw your BIL, which totally made me think of you and your fancy for Target. You should really tell him to use Target.

I give it less than two years and Jewel/Osco, will be Jewel/CVS, or Target will just take over the entire Strip Mall.

And by the way, if you give yourself a 3 hour window to fill a prescription( that ultimately took you four minutes to get together), and it is not filled in well over three hours, that is a problem. So the next time I call your automated refill hot line (which is hopefully never) I expect to hear prompts like this"

"Welcome to 24 hour Osco at Jewel. We are a crappy pharmacy who can not fill a prescription in a timely manner. If you would still like to fill a prescription with us, please press 1.
If you would like to cut our hearts out with a dagger and feed it to your dog, please press 2."

I feel better now.

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Shira said...

In Jewel's defense, they are definitely right about the fact that if you want to trasnfer a prescription, the pharmacy you are transferring to should be the ones to call the pharmacy you are transferring from. I know this because I worked at the Target pharmacy for three years and will agree, it is WAY better. They just called my husband the other day to see how he feels because he's on antibiotics.

DESJ and Company said...

I actually just transfered a rx to CVS to get a gift card-it will be going right back next month!

Brie said...

Sometimes (ok, a lot of the times) I LOVE socialized medicine.