Friday, December 19, 2008

My Brave, Brave So!

My daughter is such a trooper. And trust me, I am not saying this only because she is MY daughter. Because, believe you, me, if this was Ro who had to have her tonsils removed, it would have been a whole other ballgame.

So, since birth, has always been pretty
brave and in general, a non-kvetcher. In fact, I never would have known she had chronically enlarged tonsils, if I did not discover it on my own, because the feeling of golf-balls in back of the throat was the only feeling she ever really knew. So it was probably never an "abnormal" sensation for her.


Did you catch it? The Tonsils on either side of her uvula, blocking any view of the back of her throat. And this picture does not even capture them at their worse. According to the lovely, amazing Doctor who performed the surgery, Dr. M. (not, absolutely not, Dr. G.) those babies and the corresponding adenoids he removed were in fact, HUGE. He said I would notice a difference right away in her breathing. He was right. She was so quiet, it was eerie. I found myself placing my hand on her chest a few times just to make sure she was breathing.

I lack an "after" picture to spare my baby of the required opening of the mouth, jam camera in there... But here are some moments at the hospital.

This is pre-op, after So received her "giggle juice" (I would have liked some "giggle juice" as well, but the nurses weren't having it). This special "juice" is also known as "Versed" a lovely drug that not only relaxes you, but induces interesting amnesia. I once, as a nursing student, attended a Colonoscopy. The patient received Versed and was awake, but extremely relaxed and forgetful. He was laying on the table with a very large cable with camera inching its way up his butt through his colon, displaying beautiful images on a screen in front of him, and yet, he kept asking when the procedure was going to begin. GREAT drug.

Back to So, she was not nervous at all, unlike Mom and Dad of course. The worst part for us, was when they wheeled her away to the operating room. Waiting is a b*!#@.

This was just a moment after she arrived into recovery. She came in on her bed and then we wrapped her up in some freshly toasted blankets and I just held her swaddled across my chest. It totally brought me back to the day she was born, when I held my first born child, swaddled across my chest for the very first time. Only now there is a bit more than 9 pounds, six ounces of her.

And of course, once she came out of her grogginess, she asked for THE ice cream. She had some, Sierra Mist, vanilla ice cream and orange and grape popsicles, which I thought I would for sure see again in another form, in the car on the way home. I am proud to say, NO PUKE! I left the hospital with 5 emesis basins and made Hun sit in back of the car with her, in case. But, she conked out, and no puke. YAY!!

I am so happy this whole thing is behind us. But, in regard to the fact that we HAD to go through this, it was an excellent experience. And anyone who needs a pediatric ENT in the Chicagoland area, I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. M. He is listed as the top Doctor in his field in the very respected "Chicago" magazine annual top Doctors issue.

So did wonderfully, and she is being "rewarded" with plenty of jello with whip cream, ice cream, popsicles, pudding, chicken noodle soup and Tylenol. And apparently, so are her two younger siblings (except for the Tylenol, of course).

I love you my dear So. Feel better soon!

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Yaffa/Yitz said...

9 lbs, 6 oz. When I think about my first child as a newborn, I think about all 4 lbs, 6 oz. of her. Refuah Sheleima to So.