Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Optimistic, Sporty Tuesday

I should start out every Tuesday on a more positive note. So let me acknowledge all my new blog friends. I love watching my little tracking device ascend from over 163 hits yesterday.

Also, thank you to the friend and daughter, friend of So, who came over to personally deliver a homemade picture card made by friend of So. That was mighty nice and thoughtful.

Now that I have been somewhat posi
tive and productive.


I went to sleep 8:20 last night, feeling sick and expecting a migraine. I would have gone to sleep earlier, but Hun did not make it home until 7:45 and we still had to light the Chanukah candles and get the girls to sleep...

And yet I still woke up tired and migrainy (that is not a word, but who cares). And, it's carpool day for me, because So's school still has this
one last day before vacation. And what sucks, besides the "favorable" weather, I have to get up and get dressed and go out to do carpool, even though So is not going to school and my other two started vacay already. And at 7:20, they are all still asleep (forget one day's worth of oil burning for eight, my kids are all still asleep, that is a MIRACLE). So I should be vertical too. Dang it.

So I drag me and my migraine out of bed and find that only 3 out of five kids will be in carpool today, which makes things a little easier
(only 2 stops). And then I am kind of disappointed, because I don't even need to make use of my new seat belt extenders. YAY!!! I got seat belt extenders.

Of course, while taking my carpool, I distracted myself with my radio, as I usually do. Only this time, I was listening to a lot of talk about the Bears win last night.

And I began to think about how I a
m one of those rare breeds of chick, who fall into the sports loving category. I have always been a sports fan, playing and watching. Now a days there is probably a little more watching, a little less playing on my part.

I am also die hard Chicago. So Cubs and Bears, a little Blackhawks and Bulls (although every time I watch the sad and pathetic Bulls, I just want to relive the 90's). And even though I am a Cubs fan, I wear a White Sox hat. But, that is because White Sox colors go better with my clothes. I guess there is still some "girly girl" in me yet.

The odd thing is, I find that most girls who are into sports, are married to guys who are extreme sports fanatics as well, and my Hun just does not fall into that category of guys. He is one of five boys and not one of them is a true sports fan. Go figure. I am not complaining though. Because when I wanna watch some other television program when a sports game is on, there is no one I have to fight with over the remote. Yay, that!

I would say Hun is more into....Business. One can probably find him on his laptop or CRACKberry Blackberry, conducting.....Business. Altho
ugh, he has come to realize the importance of being on top of the latest sports hoopla, as it relates to business associates and "water cooler" talk, so he gets his info from me.

I wish I could say, if Hun had a specific love affair with any football team, that it was in some warm location, like Miami, or Tampa...(like a friend of mine, who used that to her advantage ;-) However, Hun would probably choose the Green Bay packers just to screw with his
Chicago wife.

Hun's factory used to be located in Green Bay, and frankly, that is all that exists out there - factories, bars and Packers. Hun has not one, but two Packers sweatshirts, not even Jersey's, just sweatshirts. Why? Because, when he got cold at his factory in Green Bay, that is ALL he could find to purchase. I think, at this point, it is sacrilegious, and he needs to retire those sweatshirts. If I was dieing of hypothermia and had nothing else, I still would not put those things on.

But, Hun does appreciate my love for some Chic
ago sports. He took me to a Cubs game for our Anniversary this last September, when the Cubs were doing great. The operative word there - "were". To my dear Chicago sports teams. It is not okay to take it so close to the end, and then just CRAP out. That goes to for you too Bears. You need to actually WIN the Superbowl.

And I will leave this post, hoping that the Bears can pull it off this year. (That's positive thinking) But just a reminder: With baseball season just 4 months away, you will be just a distant memory if you don't and I will be enjoying some much needed warmer weather.

Something like this:

Ooh, I look so warm.....and so tan!

Here's to my Chicago sports teams!

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DESJ and Company said...

Did you get my 6 seatbelt extenders? they gave them to someone else by mistake and had to order me new ones.
btw why didn't you just swap carpool days with someone else?

Shosh said...

yeah why would u drive carpool if your own kid isnt going? thats weird!