Thursday, January 5, 2012

Say What?

I just had to sign in to access my own blog and I totally forgot my password. That seems a bit sad and pathetic.

Well I had another baby .......... what have you been up to???

And by you, I mean the random people from various parts of the world who have accidentally found my blog over the course of the past few months who may or may not be returning from time to time.

I noticed that my last post was August 2 2011. That seems about right. That was just before I had bronchitis that lasted and lingered for over two weeks (while pregnant). And then when I was finally feeling better, I decided to take my 2 year old monkey for a walk on a most beautiful August day. I got the stroller down my front stoop just fine and stepped off the bottom step and then ............ I somehow managed to fall right over on my pregnant bum and pulled the stroller down with me as I rolled over on the grass writhing in pain. I must have stepped where the grass meets the sidewalk ... a most unleveled spot, which twisted my right ankle out from under me and caused it to swell up like a purple balloon on helium steroids.

Long story short ... it was a third degree sprain with torn ligaments that required incapacitation in a walking aircast boot for 3 weeks. There went the rest of my summer. There were no more beautiful walks outside and I couldn't drive either.

This led right into September, at which point I upgraded to an ankle stabilizer and took myself a on a trip to Israel, ALONE .... SANS CHILDREN for my niece's wedding. It was probably the first and last time I will ever fly business class (unless my mileage allows me and I am sans children again), but it was ever so sweet.

Then came the start of school and about five thousand days of Jewish holidays that began with Rosh Hashana and ended with Succos in early October.

At this point I was just too fat big and too tired to blog. And then I had a baby December 17 .... a little girl, so pink and frilly (must come up with bloggity name for her) and I thought that I could possibly find five minutes to blog.

Of course, time is now up as little nameless aforementioned, pink and frilly girl is making LOUD noise from little mouth. But I am happy I had a moment to say hello and I hope to find five more minutes tomorrow.