Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Days Do Not Go As Planned And Some Days Do Not Go As Expected

Monday did not go as planned, and Tuesday has not been going as expected. That is not necessarily a bad thing.

I was hoping to keep the surprising energy ball rolling after Sunday's "nesting" productivity - and spend Monday doing much of the same. But So kindly reminded me that Monday was "Open House" in her school and she would really like me to come by and see what she does best. How can I say no. I don't want to be one of those Mothers who CAN come but chooses not to because it's inconvenient. Although I did not know how I would go about it, because her school broke the visiting hours down into 9:15 - 10:15 for morning Hebrew classes and then 12:45 - 1:45 for afternoon secular studies.

On top of this, Ro woke up rubbing her left eye, and felt slightly warm, so now I thought I might have to throw a Doctor's visit in the mix. But the nurse in me who refuses to run to the Doctor for every sniffle, decided, since she just had a cold - her eye problem is probably just viral and I have drops in the house anyway, left over from the last pink eye event. So in less than a minute, Mamma gave her a diagnosis and a cure, and thank G-d my cleaning lady/babysitter was in the house, because Ro stayed home.

After a quick cup of home brewed java some instant coffee concoction in a mug, I was on my way to So's school for the morning visit, with a plan as to how I could spend my time, without returning home, before the afternoon visit.

I was made aware when I arrived that So's class was in the gym having their rollerskating P.E. class and I was welcome to attend. So I spent the first part watching my six year old, wearing her Ariel the mermaid helmet and knee pads, trying to stay vertical on roller blades. Although, she was probably distracted by me when I arrived, and I am pretty sure I had a mild heart attack every time she fell on the hard floor. Someone needs to make butt pads. When she was done with gym class, I walked her to her home room and watched as the teacher conducted a Hebrew lesson.

Then, with tremendous pride, that I am sure I would have even if I was not at "Open House", I left to a nearby shopping center. I actually went to Macy's to return a pair of defective boots, but since I was there already.....

So I went to the maternity section to see what was on sale. I was only looking for some light weight t-shirts, long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve and anything else that might be useful if the weather happens to warm up during this pregnancy - or.... if I just might be going some where delightfully warm in two weeks. I got exactly what I needed could use for 10.00 each - although it added up to 100 % more than what I was originally planning to spend that day.

And because I only had coffee that morning, I needed to find food fast. So I went to a nearby eatery and ordered myself a little something which I knew I would eat, pathetically, parked in my car on the side of So's school, waiting 40 minutes for the afternoon visit to begin. This "Open House" thing turned out to be quite costly.

From 12:45 until 1:15 I helped So make a chain out of construction paper, each ring containing another word that fell into the category of the "long A sound". Great, So can rollerblade and read and write Hebrew and deliver a kicking "long A chain" and I have had enough.

But this day didn't end just like that. Ro was cranky and would not take her usual nap. Hun did not come home until 10:00 because he was busy preparing for an upcoming business trip and Ate had no choice but to put aside his "anal retentiveness" and lay a load that caused the most noxious fumes to remain stagnant in my home until I woke this morning.

Oh - and let me not forget the COLLISION between So and Ro. When I was putting them to sleep, So ran upstairs and in the dark, attempted to enter Ro's room instead of her own, just as Ro was walking back out of her room. I could not see a thing, but the sounds that came from the two of them was deafening. When I opened the light in their "Jack and Jill bathroom" I was able to better assess the damage. Ro had a swollen eyebrow, complete with a black and blue mark in the shape of a tooth bite. And So had a bloody front, upper tooth.

Tooth to eyebrow could not be pleasant. I knew that calming So down would be an easier task, and I started with her.

"So, I can not believe the tooth fairy read your letter and responded."

"Wha aaaa t?"

"You wrote to the
tooth fairy (Imagination!) and asked her for a loose tooth, and I think Ro's eyebrow just loosened it for you."


"It just might be wiggling, So."

And with that, So yelled across the "Jack and Jill" bathroom towards Ro's room,


And this thank you pretty much did the job of calming Ro down, for me.

After a surprising, energy zapping Monday, I was expecting my typical life sucking Tuesday. But getting two phone calls from two co-carpoolers that their kids were not coming today, already made my day. In fact, when I dropped So and the one other child off at school, for the first time ever, I did not have to exit my car to move over booster seats and fold chairs down to get smaller children out of the back. I just opened my power door, and So and E. exited on their own.

But as I write this, the day is young and I still have 3 more trips to make to my local community center for various pick ups. But, I am grateful that I was able to conserve some much needed energy this morning. It will hopefully make the rest of my day just breeze right by.

Right!, Who am I kidding.

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Im so not a blogger and apparently not a gr8 comment maker....but me thinks u r one hell of a writer!!

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Thank You "Anonymous" So Mysterious!!! Wonder who you are ???

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Dont be fresh w/ me young lady!!