Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday - So Done With Winter

It is not me who has major Vitamin D deficiency and wants to purchase UV ray spewing sun lamps to place all over my house. I did not then decide the cost of such lamps would be better utilized as a trip to somewhere mighty warm. I am certainly not one who knows how to make a trip to a warmer climate, completely seem like it was Hun's idea, and then praise him for his brilliance.

I am not Kicking A for figuring out how to get away to paradise with a family of five, which involves, air fare, rental car, hotel on the beach (+daily parking rate at hotel) money for some eating out and trips to local attractions for five days under 1500.00$. I do not think I would make an awesome travel agent.

I did not have to sit in a Dr's office, waiting room on Tuesday (my favorite day of the week) for over an hour and 1/2 just so the Dr. could tell me in less than two minutes that So's tonsils are absolutely gone and her throat is healed. Seriously, I could not have So open mouth, peek inside, I can actually see the back of your throat and great - there is no puss leaking out, myself...

It is not me who selfishly misses my Mom, who returned to her newly renovated house after living with me for 16 months, only because I have an aversion to raw meat and chicken and she is not around to cook it anymore. I would never be that selfish and ungrateful, and also miss her because she is not around to hang with Ate so I can run out without him. That would be exceptionally selfish and I am just not so.

I did not laugh hysterically watching Hun try to find tire tracks in middle of the street so he could push drag Ate in his stroller behind him while we walked to my In Laws on Saturday (Sabbath) for lunch in a snowstorm dropping ten inches. I would never find joy in someone elses suffering, especially since that person would not hear my uncontrollable laughter anyway because he had earmuffs, hat and hood tuning out all sound.

I did not subject myself to various noxious odors from the heads of school kids on Sunday because, yet again I volunteered to do lice checks. This check did not include at least one child who must have slept through the night with her hair slathered in glue and many others who obviously soaked their heads in a vat of oil just before showing up. I was not surprisingly grateful to the little boy who vomited in the lice check room just shy of 12:00 when lice check was OFFICIALLY over and yet 40 people walked in at 11:59. I did not immediately think, "this stench is a cue for pregnant lady to leave and too bad for the late comers who are now subjected to puke fumes while they wait for lice check".

I am not sooooooooooo done with this winter!!!

How are y'all not dealing with Winter?

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Shosh said...

EW. I'm glad we werent there for the puke

DESJ and Company said...

I'm SOOOO done too! And we're getting snow again tonight...
great not me's!

Jennifer said...

I cannot stand raw meat/poultry either. Makes cooking interesting.