Friday, January 23, 2009

Too Tired, Too Freaked!

I was totally spent this week. Hun was away on a business trip, pretty much the whole week. I hate when he leaves on business, what wife doesn't? But I especially feel vulnerable when I am pregnant and he is not around.

I did not want to mention this as the week progressed, lest there be one (or 40) weirdos who read my blog, who might take the little information I have released about myself, figure out where I live, break in, tie me up, and rob me ----------- OR WORSE!!!

On top of this, a little "event" that occurred Tuesday night, freaked me out even more, causing me to acquire little sleep for the duration of the week.

Just after having a private conversation on face book with a friend, about feeling vulnerable when my husband is away and what I might use as a weapon, I crept up to bed at about 12:00 AM.

I placed my phone right next to me in bed, in case I needed to make a quick call to 911 of course. And I mentally went over my emergency escape.

Run, get three kids out of bed quietly, bring them back to my room, carry them all out onto the garage roof, lower them down - barefoot onto deck covered in four feet of snow, run barefoot with three kids to neighbor and all under 2 minutes and 16 seconds. I have no idea why this became the time of relevance, but it is.

And with that, I drifted off to sleep...

Until I was startled awake by my ringing telephone at exactly 1:32 AM. I lifted it to check the caller I.D. and of course, it was listed as Private Caller. This phone call also came to my second line, which is bizarre. My first line is the phone number that is listed in any phone book - so that is the only number that is public. Phone calls typically only go to my second line, if someone calls while the first line is busy, which was not the case this particular hour of the night. So someone dialed my second number directly.

The only "Private Caller" that I generally get calling our home, is my Father-In-Law, and he does not typically call at 1:30 in the morning. But I worried maybe it is him and something is wrong. So I answered and said, "Hello", but I thought I was too late, because there was no response. However, then I heard something in the background that sounded like a TV, so I said, "Hello" again - but no response. I waited a couple of seconds and then I heard, click - hang up.

This one call already freaked me out, but when the same exact thing happened at 1:35, 1:38 and then even weirder - my first line rang at 1:41 followed by the same scenario - I was imagining all sorts of tragic scenarios and "freaking out" would be putting it mildly.

So I did what any woman in this situation would do, I called my Mommy. She actually was awake - probably finding a whole bunch of things wrong with her newly remodeled house. Anyway, she convinced me not to worry. She said, probably someone calls you and keeps realizing it is the wrong number, but they are confused...

They are confused???

No, I am confused. I am so confused, that I am foncused.

And shortly after I hung up with my Mom, who was not at all helpful but I figured if they found our bodies the next day (G-d forbid) she would at least be able to help direct the police to a series of odd calls - another call came just before 2 in the morning. Aaaah, but this time it returned back to my second line, with a name listed.

"Derrick Morris" I could put your phone number on here and have all my devoted blog readers call you, beginning at 1:30 in the morning and hang up. Let's see how you like it.

So, after going through the late night/early morning phone ringing, hello - no response and hang up scenario for a fifth time, I made me a little cally cally to Derrick Morris.

At which point, the person who answered did not sound like a "Derrick". She did sound like a totally intoxicated or drugged up woman. And I heard that same flippin TV in the background, so I was certain this was my new nemesis.

She answered,

I said,
"Hello - I think you just called me five times (you evil bitch).

She said,

I said,
"You keep calling my number and hanging up (flippin wench).

She said,
"Who dat?"

I said,

She said,
"Whaaaaaa, oh sorry."


The phone calls stopped, but I was still convinced that her equally drugged up boyfriend - Derrick was outside my house, casing, waiting for his girlfriend to call him with the 'ol,
"Yeah, she's alone and totally frightened, good time to make your move" routine.

So needless to say, I did not sleep that night, nor the next night. Every sound I heard, I was certain belonged to a heroine addict named Derrick looking for things to rob so he could sell it off to make money to purchase his next fix.

Unless your name is "Derrick Shepherd" and you are a handsome, fictitious Neurosurgeon, I do not want any Derricks outside my house, waiting for the sixth phone call from his loony girl back home, to finally throw me off my rocker, so he could make his move.

Sheesh, did this leave me tired. And I am happy to report, that Hun has indeed returned. So this weekend, will be all about the SLEEP!

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Shosh said...

we had calls like that once, in the middle of the night. except it was a girl named kelly who said to me "Why you with my man, *itch!" and then said my husbands first name. (the english version) and claimed that he was her boyfriend and "Why he be sleeping with you, he is MINE, girl!" In fact, I will be blogging the rest of this story later this week :)
p.s. take your phone off the hook tonight!

Alicia said...

I have had those type of calls too. Except mine remained "Private Number". I get the same way you do. My hubby works nights alot so I never sleep only on the weekends when he is sleeping during the day! I hope you get some well deserved rest tongiht!

**I hopped over from Megan's blog.

Candice said...

We are so alike. I typically don't blog about Brent going out of town until he's on his way back. Just in case I have some crazy arsed stalker. Hey, I watch Dateline... It could happen.

My escape plan includes running out the door to the patio, and then down the alley. Our master bedroom is on the first floor and the rest of the bedrooms are upstairs. I guess the kids are screwed in my plan, but I'll go back for them as soon as I can. I promise. ;)

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Ok, I spent the last few days reading your ENTIRE blog, from day one. Great blogging. I feel so bad that you didn't have readers in the beginning. I wish I had found you sooner.

I have a few comments that I wanted to share from previous posts.

I love the picture of you and your husband (same page as center pieces) It is great.

My favorite Channakah (horrible speller sorry) is the one by Adam Sandler but that one is probably offensive to you, sorry.

I am glad to hear that So's tonsillectomy went well.

Let So know that my 9 year old lost her first tooth when she was in second grade so she is not the oldest kid to not have lost a tooth yet.

Those are the ones I can remember.

elisha said...

We recently got a bunch of calls at 3 am from the same person. I want to know why these people keep trying the same number when it is wrong? Do they think the number will magically become right if they keep dialing it? I always panic and think there is some kind of emergency at that time of night. It's always good to have an escape plan, I should work on that. I just don't let my husband leave the house at night!!!

Shira said...

this was thoroughly retrospect of course, because I'm sure it was scary as all heck at the time.