Friday, January 2, 2009

Some Friday Extras

I just thought I would share a few things that put a smile on my face over vacation:

Yesterday, on our way out from "Winter Wonder Fest" we culminated the day with ice cream. As we sat at the Haagan
Daaz tables, So began to share her thoughts on the day.

"This has been the BEST day of my life."

To which I responded, "I think you've said that about other exciting days you have ha

"No, THIS is the BEST day of my life. Ro, isn't this the BEST day of your life?"

Ro's response, "No, this was a GREAT day."

Which describes the difference between So and Ro in a nutshell.

So thinks with her heart, and Ro thinks with her head. So is dramatic with her word use and Ro is extremely discerning with her choice of words. So is over the top and Ro is under the radar.

And at this point, Ate had chocolate all over his face and said,
"Yummm, that was g

I love the things that make them so different from one another.

Also over the past two weeks, So has been system
atically killing trees with her excessive paper use for art purposes. She also wanted to make a homemade maracas yesterday. She got a plastic cup, a piece of saran wrap and a rubber band. But when I asked her, what she would use as the noise making part of her maracas, she kindly reminded me that I had dried out raisins in my pantry.

(mental note: put "raisins" on shopping list.)

She finished off her maracas and helped Ro and Ate make their own as well. And off my "mariachi b
and" happily went.

But, my favorite thing So made this pas
t week - was made out of Styrofoam. I guess the recycling of Styrofoam makes up for her tree murdering.

She made the "Kotel" - otherwise known as the "Wailing Wall" or the "Western Wal

Here it is - with Ate's police people and barricade dividing men and women's respective places of prayer, for added effect, of course.

Her "Wailing Wall" comes complete with inserted prayer note to G-d, which she has yet to let me read. I will have to wait until she is not around, and take a peek.

Well it's not like she is Obama and I am going to publish her private prayer in the newspaper...

School starts Monday! I need to take this all in now, because next week we are back to 7 am wake up calls, lunch making, carpool taking and a very crabby Mommy.

Oh the Joy!!!

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