Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sheer Pride

I am not going to call this post "Wordless Wednesday Thursday, for two obvious reasons.
A) It is not Wednesday
B) This post is already way too wordy to be considered wordless.

However, I can refer to it as "Too D
amn Tired Thursday".

This sentiment can really be applied to most days of my week. But I just might have an upcoming post to explain why I am exceptionally tired this week.

In the meantime:

I have mentioned that while my parents recently returned to their freshly remodeled home after co-habitating with our family for 16 months, they miss the kids. (So I have heard )

Although they may have erroneously left out how excruciating it has been not seeing me on a daily basis.

If they are going out of their way to men
tion repeatedly how much they miss these 3 adorable Grandchildren, who am I to argue. That is why I was a very considerate daughter and sent Hun with the kids to their house this past Sunday, and Hun sent me some pictures that captured the sheer pride and joy - only Grandparents can have.

I am sure this was just an exceptional sounding concerto. They also broke out the guitar you see in the background.

I suppose, because Bobbie (Grandma) has yet to reinstate children's' toys into the home, she grabbed the first play item she could find. Either that or So's hair has met with a hacksaw.

Well, the excursion to Bobbie and Zeidy's house worked out so well, (and not just for them and the kids ;) I just might make a habit of it.

5 have shown Orah a little love:

Anonymous said...

what's w/ So's hair in that pic? So funny...cute!

Orah said...

Anonymous - it's a very ooooooooold wig.

Brie said...

and where is So's other sock?

Orah said...

Brie, these tights are split with hot pink and a lighter pink. Each leg has the opposite color on the opposite side of the leg. Does that make sense?

Candice said...

LMAO! love the hair-do. I wish mine had that much "lift". ;)