Thursday, January 1, 2009


Where has my free spirit gone? Where has my strong will and sense of adventure gone? Gone are the days where I would quickly hop in a car with a bunch of friends for a 45 minute ride to a place like "Great America". Forgotten are the days when waiting in line for over an hour to ride a water log for two minutes, was actually fun. Why is it, I would quicker shoot myself in the head, then venture to "Winter Wonder Fest" again. Why do I allow myself to be a glutton for punishment?

I hate lines, and I loathe crowds, but apparently I love my children. I detest the enormous amount of body odor I was subjected to and the couple who thought it would be cool to
make out for four minutes under the huge Christmas tree, conveniently located at the entrance, as we entered. This isn't a "Big Red" commercial - people. But, my kids think I rock.

Competing for a parking spot and pushing around an overweight stroller loaded with food and five bulky winter coats (that tipped over, roughly,four times) is not my idea of a good time. However, hearing my children giggle repeatedly, is music to my ears. The fact that there were no seating apparatus strategically placed around the room, really had me peeved. I actually wanted that scooter that the 75 year old drove over my toe. I do not appreciate hearing my daughter whine for three minutes when I explained to her in no uncertain terms that we would not be ice skating when I realized that scenario would include:

Standing in a line that was the length of two football fields

Getting to the skate pick-up counter after two hours of waiting in aforementioned line

Having to cut the line to exchange first pair of ill-fitting skates with second pair of properly fitting skates

Calming Ate down as he realizes, two hande
d Hun is taking two female non-skaters onto the ice, and pregnant Mamma, aint skating, so do the math, my two year old non-skater.

Watching So and Ro's faces meet the ice more times than I wish to count, and watch Hun ice his rump, which works out well, since he falls on said rump more times than I wish to count, conveniently on "ice".

Watch Ro and So beg to get off the ice after only ten to fifteen minutes.

Stand in 20 minute line just to return skate
s and retrieve shoes...

It was appreciated, that she stopped whining
when I told her she could ride the "light tower".

Four things made this tri
p worth it.

1. The fun I could make of the five chubby people standing behind us, as we waited (with stroller in tow) almost as long a
s we waited for the Ferris Wheel, to get in an elevator and go down the required one flight in order to exit the building.

I was not making fun of them, so much, for their chubbiness (I am not that horrific) as I was for the scenario - the conversation and circumastances that took place behind me...

First, imagine five fairly large people, who seemed to just come from the same place I did, which means they were able
to walk themselves around an enormous ball room for quite some time.

They have no stroller, no wheelchair, and besides their obvious "chub" seem to be pretty able bodied.

Two feet over to their left, is a flight of stairs of about 25 steps (which I would have gladly taken, even with the stroller, if it was not chock full of people).

Conversation after waiting two minutes:

Chuba a) "Hmm, this elevator is taking looooooooong time."

Chuba b) "Yeah, so many people ahead of us with strollers."

Chuba c) "There are stairs
right here."

Chuba a) "Let's wait another minute."

Chuba c) "Well, I don't think we will
all make it on the next elevator."

Chuba b) "Should we take the stairs?"

Chuba c) "Yeah, wann
a do that?"

Chuba a) "Fine."

O ME!!!

The other three things that made this trip so worth it:

The priceless looks on these faces -

Yeah, I confess - I would do it all again. (Thank G-d this thing only comes once a year.)

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Anonymous said...

We went a few years ago and we vowed never to go I will live vicariously through you and your childrens' joyful experiences....