Thursday, January 29, 2009

PETA Dysfunction


If you are a Peta lover - do not,

I repeat -
DO NOT read on.

However, if you are open to my cause against
Peta, I implore you to read on.

I hate
Peta! I think they are one of the most dysfunctional, backwards organizations.

I do not hate animals, I care about animals, but not at the expense of human dignity.

Personally, I do not want to see an animal suffer. But certainly we can take an animal's life in an ethical non-torturous sort of way, so that humans may benefit. Because, frankly, I believe there is a hierarchy in this Universe, that has animals following WAY BEHIND humans. And furthermore, animals just may have been placed on this earth to benefit humans.

If killing an animal while running medical tests, means the life of a human will be saved - I am all for it.

If eating the meat and drinking the milk and consuming the eggs of an animal offers nutritional benefit to a human - I am all for it.

If furs, hide and wool can be utilized to keep a human warm - this too is okay by me. (I do realize there are some furriers who do not go about fur removal in an ethical sort of way, but there are furriers that exist who do, so just be discriminating when choosing your furrier).

Taking your love for animals to a level that embarrasses, hurts, injures or demeans a human being is not okay. Make your point in a mature and productive sort of way, and you might earn yourself some new followers. But for human beings, you
Peta supporters have chosen to lack morals and values that are typically a defining trait of most human beings, and this to me, is counterproductive. Sadly, you continue to prove that in many ways, you are lower on the totem pole, than the animals you represent.

I say this, in regards to your latest attempts at attracting attention for your cause.

Because, I can expect a dog or a goat to hump a head of broccoli in public, but creating an advertisement depicting women in the most demeaning and degrading way just proves that you "ethical" loving people are seriously lacking in the ethics department yourself.

And I don't mean to be crass in my post, but unless people have seen the video online of your unfortunate advertisement that you expected to play during the Superbowl, there is no other way for people to get the gist of what I am referring to.

And kudos to the Superbowl/TV station for banning it.

I will only go so far as to describe it as, "scantily clad women getting way to friendly with a variety of vegetables".

And seriously, did you think this through?

Because, while your audience, of predominately uber heterosexual men who are feasting on chicken wings and bar-b-q ribs, may indeed notice the half naked women, I assure you, they will miss the point you are trying to make with the vegetables.

And the women who are watching, like me, would be completely turned off. And the 8, 9, and 10 year old boys who are sitting with their fathers enjoying some bonding over an all American past time, will once again be exposed to unfortunate ideas about how women wish to be treated.

You think you have a moral obligation to animals?? Where is your moral obligation to humankind??

So thanks for attempting to undo everything that parent's with some semblance of morals and values work on repeatedly. And thanks for wasting time and money that can be better utilized during these tough economic times. And thanks for wasting completely good vegetables.

I hope you do sense my sarcasm -

How far will you take it, I am just curious.

Well, I feel better now. I was so disgusted, I needed to vent and this is the perfect forum to do so. Because this is my forum.

And I am so proud that the Superbowl and the TV stations refused you the forum you were willing to pay Millions for. You couldn't think of something better to do with the money? Here is a suggestion. After you finish feeding all the hungry animals, why don't you spend some of those millions and feed some starving humans. Or next time just give them the vegetables (that I hope to G-d you threw out), because there are actually HUMAN BEINGS suffering in this world.

Like I said before, I love animals, but frankly, I love humans more.

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Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I actually hadn't heard about it until you mentioned it, but....eeewwww.
I am not sure about the Target in your area but ours still has lots of toys in their clearance section if you need some birthday ideas. Everything Rebecca received (from us) was from that section of Target (to include the awesome Smart Cycle marked 50% off) except the obnoxious Bendaroos she just HAD to have. They have tons of clothes up to 75% off too. I totally love Target.

elisha said...

Wow-I still don't know what's going on with PETA but I do agree that humans need as much respect as animals. We have lost sensitivity in soooo many areas. By the way, I have read Expecting Adam-it was interesting.

Candice said...

I have no idea what ad you are talking about, but I really want to see it now. I can only imagine what they have come up with this time.

I was really hoping that they would start using mothers breast milk in ice cream so that would be one less thing to make my ass big, but I don't think that's going to happen.


Anonymous said...

So they arent airing that ad that you are referring to? You got me pretty curious to see it!
I have a funny story to tell u about MY hun's aunts and their love for pets, (they have like 7 between them) and their aversion to anything baby (ie. a little drool) but I shall save it for a more private forum! Hope they dont stuble upon this blog...
- Miss S.

Shira said...

Sick. That's all I've got.