Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ro Birthday girl!

"I never knew I could love another child the way I loved my first, but then you came into my life."

It is not often that I am TOO busy to blog about something, but yesterday was time dedicated to Ro. As is this post.

(Thanks to Heidi for wishing her an early and even earlier birthday!)

I can not believe you are five years old already. You have grown, oh how you have grown. And not just physically
. You have come a long way baby...

For those of you who have not been with this blog of mine since it's inception, some of my first few posts were dedicated to describing my children. Ro, took two posts and I am not sure I covered everything. Please take the time to learn a little about Ro - here
and here .

Out of my three kids, Ro was by far the most demanding and most challenging. And in many ways, she still is. She communicates the least, verbally, out of the three kids. She picks and chooses her words very cautiously. She is both sweet and sour. If she is tired, upset or needs to poop - beware her wrath. And she is also the most maternal. She is the most excited about the impending birth of a sibling. She is also extremely aware of her surroundings. She will shut lights that are left on. She will throw out a piece of paper that everyone else has been stepping over. She always puts her plates and cutlery in the sink after a meal. She has the capability to be a huge kvetch, one minute and cuddle and deliver the sweetest kisses, the next minute. I still learn more and more about her, each and every day.

Welcome to my world - Ro!
I am pretty sure I had a salon in my birth canal and Ro had an appointment on the way out. She is my only baby thus far, born with hair and it was spiky and frosted blond at the tips.

I am pretty sure this is the ONLY shot I have of you asleep, because you NEVER slept.

You remind me of a mouse in this shot.

Just like you are a chameleon, so are your eyes. You are the only one so far born with colored eyes. Sometimes they are as blue as the sky. Sometimes they are as grey as a dolphin. They have been green like the leaves on a tree. But when you smile, it doesn't matter what color they are - THEY SHINE!

Ro was so excited about her birthday, and was talking about it all day Tuesday. When I woke up Wednesday morning, Ro was already awake and dressed. She picked out her outfit (with the help of So). I bought this size 5 shirt only two months ago. It was so big on her, her shoulders would keep becoming exposed, so I put the t-shirt (pictured) under it. When I came downstairs Wednesday morning, Ro said,
"Look Mommy, I am five today and now I fit into the shirt."

I think she actually is right - it looks like it fits her better.

We had a birthday at school, complete with Princess plates and tiara. There are five candles in her doughnut and she passed out bracelets to the girls and dinosaur figures to the boys.

I am thankful for this blog o' mine, for I have a place to document this milestone.

Because Ro will only turn FIVE once.

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elisha said...

Wow-what is it with 2nd daughters. A lot of things you said about Ro describes my L. She isn't as verbal as my other kids and she is also my nurturer. She loves to take care of younger kids and she can be super helpful. But I understand her the least out of my kids. I also feel like I learn something new everyday about her. Happy, Happy Birthday!

Candice said...

Aww, what a precious baby!! Talk about some hair! wow!! I had bald babies.

I also love the "mouse" shot. So cute!

Happy birthday Ro :)