Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Am I Up To? Oh, Just "Relaxin"


I have recently embarked on my Spring/Passover/Nesting decluttering and cleaning. I have started a little early this year for a few reasons...

1. It will only get harder as I get closer to the finale of this pregnancy (G-d willing)

2. My house is in dire straits more this year, than any other year due to the changes that were made to allow for my Parent's to have room for all their crap while they were living with me for 16 months.

3. I just can't seem to find anything else to do with my time... (sarcastic tone implied).

I am fortunate to have a generous sized finished basement in my home, and as the children got older, they would play down there with toys more than upstairs in our den. However, I do keep some toys upstairs - mostly toys that serve the "under age two" crowd. Over the past year - upstairs toys have ended up downstairs and downstairs toys have ended up upstairs and therefore created a mess in my den as well as disorganization in the basement. So these became the first two areas to receive my productive engagement.

I recently purchased some lovely storage units for the basement as well as colorful bins and organized the hell out of the area - making this a much more welcoming environment for So and Ro especially. I think it worked, because I have not seen them for the past two days.

In the meantime, my adorable two year old, continues to bring basement toys upstairs because he likes to play close to Mommy. So I decided today I would tackle my den, and create an environment that would be more conducive to the playful life of a two year old.

It was very helpful that Hun decided to work from home the first part of the day, today. Because I had him not only take Ro and Ate to school, but pick them up at 1 PM as well.

I digress to tell you that when the husband of a pregnant woman shows up to this school, especially if he NEVER EVER is the one to chauffeur the kids (which is the case for Hun), this causes him to receive a plethora of inquiries about his wife's whereabouts and if she indeed gave birth. Ha Ha, the look on Hun's face when he came home was priceless,
"I showed up and immediately freaked out half of the other mothers there".

Anyway, because he did drop off and pick up, I was able to remain in my pajamas and work "comfortably" uninterrupted from 9 am to 1 pm. I was on the floor making piles and sorting and created one bag of garbage and another bag of toys that need to be returned to the basement. I found hair accessories and art supplies, as well as a bottle of shampoo. I have no idea, why there was a bottle of shampoo amongst the toys, but that is how pathetic it has become.

All this time, I must have been creating some brand, spankin', new Yoga moves. I may have even demonstrated some contortionist moves at some point, because when I got off from the floor, it felt like two people had a hold on my pelvic bones and were pulling in two opposite directions. Although the idea of "labor" is already sounding sweet to me, it is just not time for that - but dear Lord could I use an epidural about now. And this is just the tip of the ice berg. I still have the whole rest of the house to tackle by April something - when every Jewish woman's favorite holiday, "Passover" comes a knockin' on the door.

This hormone "relaxin" - the one pregnant women have causing all sorts of odd changes in the body - including muscle relaxation in the pelvic area - not so pleasant (certainly not relaxing) after a hard morning's work.

So, while I try to go about the rest of the day, walking around, tending to other responsibilities, like I just got off a horse - I will at least be able to say I have accomplished something significant.

But my kids are not allowed to go near, touch or actually play with any toys for the next two months ...

Agh! I need to go "relaxin" in the tub.

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Anonymous said...

Well that title should definitely peak people's curiosity!
Good for you that your organizing toys in your monstrocity of a basement. Ya, its amazing what things turn up in the toys areas, wish I would find like 3 house keys but that hasnt happened yet!!
Ha, new yoga moves and contortionism (is that a word?) really are ready for this baby to come out......"Liz, ohh Liz, get this girl her epidural, stat!!!!!
- Miss S.

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I am not envious of you right now. I can remember those days much too well. I know that pregnancy is supposed to be so great and women glow, etc, but I do not like being pregnant, labor no problem, short and sweet. Pregnancy is 9 months of H.E.Double Hockey sticks! At least there is a cute little baby at the end to make it all better.
Congrats on doing some cleaning. I should really follow your example there and tackle our playroom...maybe tomorrow.....or maybe not.

elisha said...

I don't miss those last days of pregnancy! I actually like having babies just so I can move my body normally. And I feel the same way when I clean up the toys (which I also just did), I don't want them to play with them ever again. I hate toys!