Friday, February 13, 2009

Back To Reality!!!

And all my other national and international blog followers.

Reality is not too bad... Being welcomed back to Chicago after about a week in Miami by 33 degrees at 10:00 at night can not be taken for granted, especially when I think of the other snowy, icy, below zero alternatives. Unless of course it is the chronic "on fire" sensation I feel due to the sunburn on my back that has me delusionally thinking 33 degrees is not bad.

We had an amazing family vacation. And as I suspected, Hun came back saying, "I would do that again", which has me declaring, "VICTORY" in response to a man who never used to have the word "vacation" existent in his repertoire.

I have so much to say about our vacation, but I will call this post -


THIS LOVELY MAN!!! Okay, so Hun is on his "crackberry", but at least he is on his "crackberry" on the beach with his pants rolled up. I can't be too demanding.

This ADORABLE little man.

This beauty modeling her wind blown hair look.

This sweet pea with her trendy sunglasses.

They were in Heaven.

And some other things I saw on the beach...

This thing, (and all it's brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles....)

These lovely ladies. And honestly, I admire that they are adamant about their modest attire in 80 degree weather on the beach. There is a reason you will not see any pictures of me on the beach - it would be highly inappropriate. And I looked like a beached whale.

This woman, who I should NOT make fun of because she obviously has some curvature of the spine. But I couldn't help laughing, because she kept walking back and forth and she looked like she was terribly constipated and was looking for a place to do her biness.

This dude just casually strolling down the beach with a snake around his neck. Yes, you read that correctly, although hard to see, he has A FRIGGIN' LIVE SNAKE DANGLING AROUND HIS NECK!!! The only reason I noticed him, because he just casually strolled right through a crowd of teenage girls who began shrieking and running teenage girls. He falls into the WTH???? category. Frankly, I think he and constipated woman might make a great couple.

I have a gazillion pictures and more tales from our Miami trip, but I would be smart to spread it out over a few posts. So until next time y'all...

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elisha said...

looks like you had fun! And really, can't we show a little bit of skin on the beach? I know being modest is important and all that but it is the beach for goodness sake.

Orah said...

Oh Elisha, you don't have to sell me. i think I was showing enough skin to make up for all of them. I was really hot just looking at them though.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh, u r mean w/ that chick in the blue bathing suit, although I was laughing so hard, my stomach hurts.....What the hell kind of camera do u have?, your close up pics are amazzzing!
- Miss S.