Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just Picture It In Your Mind!!!

I have to stop posting pictures. Because it takes for freakin' ever. That, and at some point it becomes as equally annoying as when people used to pull out the slide show of their latest, lame vacation on any unsuspecting friends who stopped by for a visit. So I apologize to all my unsuspecting visitors.

Yesterday there were a couple of things that occurred, that had my attention. And now they will therefore, officially make it into my blog.

Ate had a substitute teacher's aid yesterday. She is one he has had on previous occasions. She is a lovely lady, but one who may not be as diligent about keeping the children's personal items in order.

As I stood by the door to the classroom, Ate was specifically asking me for apple juice. While snack time during the day does usually include apple juice, I also send him every day with a sippy cup full of juice (typically sharpied with his name). He has never asked me for apple juice at pick-up before, because he most certainly has had enough liquid intake over the day. But just as I was wondering why today was different, the substitute was walking from the hallway back to the room with Ate's sippy cup that seemed to have just been refilled. I thought she was on her way to give it to Ate, but she walked right past me and called out to another child,
"M. I have your juice..."

Right then, I figured that Ate was thirsty, because he never got his cup all day - probably M. had been drinking Ate's juice. So I called out to the Sub. and explained that this was indeed Ate's cup (even though his name had apparently rubbed off) and asked if Ate had any juice that day. She looked bewildered and then pretty much confirmed that M. had been drinking from his cup all day.

Well these things happen. And since Ate was still begging for some juice, I had to hand the cup right over to him, without washing it even though some other 2 year old had been sucking on it all day. And I so hope Ate does not come down with one of the myriads of viruses that have been going around all this season. But if he does, I am already pre-vindicated. Because my son has some "anal retentive" tendencies and needs help in the pooping department, I spike his juice every day with some Miralax. (Miralax is a powder of natural "medicine" like fiber that causes poop to soften and make it's "appearance" easier.) So watch out Mommy of M. - you may have some surprises in M.'s diaper.

Speaking of diaper... here is another occurrence from yesterday that only reiterates the substitute's lack of diligence over the children's personal items....

When So was born (my first baby) I made the decision to first try the cheapest diapers and work my way up if they were not satisfying the baby's my needs. One trial and error included "Luvs". I realized that I have no love for "Luvs" and ended my search at "Pampers Cruisers", which I still buy today, with coupons, of course.

Ate still has enough "Pampers Cruisers" in his cubby at school, so I do not need to replenish his supply. The teachers change Ate shortly before he is picked up, so when he comes home - I just throw him gently and lovingly place him in his crib for a nap.

When Ate woke up yesterday, he was soaked. Frankly, I do not think my son has woken up soaked..... EVER, for sure not since infancy. So I went to change everything and there it was - "LUVS". And not only was he wearing a diaper from some other child's supply, it was two sizes too small (probably M.'s because she is a tiny little thing). So if M. is wearing Ate's "Pampers Cruisers" and two sizes too big for her, after drinking juice laced with diarrhea inducing "Miralax", her Mommy is going to have soooooome clean up job.

Also, at the facility where Ate attends school, another school nearby rents out the gym for their own use. I do not care for the guy who oversees the kids from the school. He is always yelling and he can not keep the grade school kids in line - figuratively and literally. I have a hard time picking Ro up from the other half of the gym after her tumble tots class, because about 40 eight year olds are blocking the way.

So yesterday I watched him walking down the hallway, not keeping the kids in line, as usual - when he turned around to yell at one of the boys,
"Xavier, CUT THAT OUT! I don't want to have to write up an accident report."

Yeah, that is why Xavier should cut out his wild and potentially harmful behavior - so that you don't have more paper work to do. Great message to Xavier.

And finally, I share a moment that gave me pride and joy, aka. Nachas.

Ate found one of So's many worksheets laying around. On this particular worksheet were coins, some colored brown and some colored yellow. Ate held the paper in front of me and said,
"See Mommy, see, this ones is chocolate and this ones is vanilla".
(in reference to the brown and yellow, of course.)

I replied,
"Very good Ate, and how many chocolate coins are there"?

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6".

"Very good Ate, and how many vanilla coins are there"?

"1, 2, 3, 4".

And I was slightly surprised that he worked out my little sorting and counting question so well - he is only 2. So I gave a final response,

"Very good Ate, good job".

To which he responded, (as if to continue my response)

"You are so smart".

He has a working brain........apparently in a BIG head. We are going to have to work on modesty and humility.

So while I just shared, what were probably some lame stories and ocurences, at least I spared you more pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Well I actually like pictures in yoour blog, because they say sooooo much w/out you having to..Not that your words arent freaking hilarious, but still.
A few things coupon lady: if his cup was "sharpied" why would it have rubbed off? hmmmmmmmmmm
Luvs do indeed suck, Im feelin for M.'s mother (too big of a diaper and miralax AJ..ooooh nastee), and its perfectly healthy for Ate to have a big head, he must take after Hun! HA!
- Miss S.

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I also like pictures in your blog. It's fun to see what everyone else is up to. This was such a funny post. You always crack me up. Either your kids are particularly funny, or I just don't notice when my kids are doing funny things anymore...ahhh the joys of having four.'re having another one aren't you?....just pretend I didn't say that.