Monday, November 24, 2008

Trouble, I call Ate

It is really bad when my house is quiet and Ate is not in the immediate vicinity of me. Yesterday, I yelled out, "Ate, what are you doing?"

A voice that sounded suspiciously like it was on helium responded, "I NOT DOING NUFFEENG."

When Ate yells back that he is "not doing nuffeeng" you can be certain he is up to something, and it is typically no good. I first ran to the toilet, because frankly, I do not want to spend another $75.00 to fix a toilet that was destroyed by a two year old. But he was not there. I called again, and I think I heard some shuffling upstairs. I finally found him -

Did you catch it?

I spent five minutes looking for him, two times to his room, but he must have been completely under his crib. He frequents this spot to either
hoard toys or retrieve them. I have no idea what is under there, because I can no longer fit comfortably under the crib to search.

I was happy to discover that all was well, as opposed to last time he went missing. I thought he was in my bedroom while I was in my bathroom, when I came out he was gone and the house was eerily quiet -

He was hiding, literally, in the corner of the kitchen, very proud of the fact that he found some M&M's. By the way, M&M's
DO melt in the hands, and all over the face.

I think Ate is an early morning troublemaker as he seems to be in pajamas every time I catch him up to something. Either that, or I never get the kid dressed.

I had some other stuff to blog today, but I decided to continue with the theme of recognizing my blessings. Being that today is Tuesday (carpool day for me), and I just
loooooooooove Tuesdays on account of the six car trips I make and dealing with kids every morning who need a small crane and five strong men to get them into the car for carpool, I decided to ignore all that and focus on the positives. Ate makes me smile and I hope he could put a smile on your face as well. I would put up with this kind of trouble any day of the week. Trouble I call Ate.

Oh, and today was the first day I attempted to include images in my blog, and it was not fun for me. Took me like an hour. But so worth it.

Let me know what kind of no good your kids are up to...

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adinab said...

they're lucky they're so darn cute. my kids like to sneak snacks and then hide under the dining room table. they think that they somehow become invisible when they eat under there.