Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday (Finally)

(My first "Not Me Monday")

I did not return from my four day trip away from my kids at 12 am and wake the girls up for mucho kisso.

I did not avoid waking Ate up because I knew if I did he would not request 12 am play time.

I did not pick Ate's crusty nose with my pinkie , that would be gross. And if I did, I certainly did not grab the first thing I could find to dispose of the gross nose waste on, which was Ro's sock because it was going in the laundry anyway.

I am not, right now, announcing that I am pregnant. I don't make pregnancy announcements.

I did not make such announcement because a non-maternity skirt that fit me in the morning, no longer fit me in the afternoon after my workout and shower.

I did not make my husband leave work an HOUR before my Doctor appointment because he always meets me there late, and he did not get ticked at me when he ended up there a half hour before the appointment.

I did not make my husband go out Saturday night to buy mesquite crunchers and bar-b-q tortilla chips, because I NEEDED to sample both. And I did not then RELUCTANTLY share some chips with my two year old.

I did not ask my very lovely sister-in-law if she would bring my daughter home from school because my Doctor's office is at the mall and I wanted to make my trip there worth it.

I did not just spend an expletive amount of money on new maternity clothes, when I have a closet full of maternity clothes for every season. I did not do this because the oh so comfortable new "belly fit" waist on every skirt did not exist the last time I was pregnant.

I did not get into a fight with a lady in our cars because she would not let me get around her to exit the lot. I did not bring out the foul language in me for this "stand" off, that would be inappropriate and out of character for me. Then again, the raging hormones - also out of character for me.


What did y'all not do?

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Christy said...

Hi found you through Charming Kids and you're going to find yourself making mental notes all week now for this entry every week! LOL

Congratulations on your expected blessing! Off to read more!

DESJ and Company said...

ooh ooh ooh!
B'Shaah Tovah!
Welcome to Not Me!s :)

kay said...

I found you through MckMama and loved this post! Congrats on the pregnancy. Your kids are adorable!

Erica said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! I just 'love' all the sweet and helpful drivers out there! Hope you have a blessed day!

Courtney said...

Ha! Great post! And congrats on your new little blessing!

And my absolute favorite thing on your blog is your "Mama's Happy Hour" comment. PERFECT!!!!


Courtney in Indiana

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I love that you made your husband go get you some food. I used to make my husband go on Red Vine Licorice and Cheez It runs when I was pregnant. It's the hormones, right? (The same that make us yell at people!)

Junita said...

Oh I can't wait to be pregnant again for the food runs! Cute Not Mes - and Congrats!