Friday, November 7, 2008

Parent Withdrawal

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Well, I really would send you a prize, although it seems I wouldn't know who to send it to, being that I don't know who is reading my blog (except for two people).

I mentioned briefly in one of my blogs that my parents have been living with me for over a year while they do construction on their house. Which makes me a rockin' daughter.

People have approached me at various times, my friends, my parents' friends, expressing their amazement and awe that I would be so receiving of my parents. Frankly, it amazes me as to how many people are so in awe of something any child who has a reasonable relationship with his/her parents should do.

The idea of them moving into my home was never even a discussion. My parents never asked me or informed me that this was their intention, and I never officially invited them. In my mind, it was just a given. My Mom had been wanting to undertake construction for years, and I knew, that when she finally would begin, they would live by me. They had me in their home for 25 years (+ the 3 months we lived by them when we moved from NJ to Chicago), so I could certainly manage to have them.

I should have started blogging over a year ago, boy, would I have stories. The stories are not particularly bad, just the revelation of what it means for your parents to live by you. Like, my Mom is obsessed with HGTV, which is interesting, since she was only introduced to it at my house. My parents never even had cable at their home. I say had, because you can imagine, after living in my house and being exposed to the myriad of home construction and handy crafty shows, Mom let the Contractor know she needs some cable lines installed.

While I watch and appreciate HGTV from time to time, it is not my favorite form of entertainment, in fact it causes some moments of "freak out" for me, when it reminds me of everything I need and want to get done in my home. And after my Mom turned down the offer for me to put a second cable box in the basement where they "live", she expects me to have HGTV on at all times on my family room TV. Well she would like that, in an ideal world, but this is the F. house and it is not an ideal world.

The best part of my parents living in my home this past year or so, how much pride I get watching my children and parents interact with one another. I was not fortunate to grow up with any Grandparents, so I am so happy that my children will always have such special memories of the time Bobby and Zeidy (Grandma and Grandpa) lived with them.

And the ultimate moment for me, when my Mom told me that I have really great kids and I am doing a really great job raising them. Of course then my Mom threw in "I don't know how that happened". People who know my Mom know her to be a little less forthcoming with the compliments. I don't want to go so far as to say she is typically more critical of a person, but she is. So I don't take lightly when my Mom gives me such a compliment.

I will totally digress here, because this is where I was typing when a friend of mine called to tell me that my daughter So missed her bus stop and was at her house. Didn't I mention that my beautiful So who is extremely bright is also completely oblivious. Which makes her a perfect candidate for the absentminded professor. This is not the best day, as I am preparing, like every Friday for the Sabbath which comes in in two hours. (can't you tell how busy I am, because I can't even find time to blog). Thank G-d my babysitter is still in the house as my other two are napping and I obviously need to run an errand which I was not expecting to run. (I can not believe I just referred to So as an errand.)

Where was I with the parents in my house thing, oh yeah. I guess the reason this all came up today is because my parents have actually been out of the country for the past week at a nephew's wedding. While I am waiting with bated breath for the day my parents move back into their home, I actually do miss them. My house is quiet without them and my kids have no distraction, and I feel lonely all of a sudden. I am having parent withdrawal.

I am so fortunate to have them with me. We have a saying in hebrew - Ad Meyah V'esrim Shana, which means until 120 years. Although my family likes to say THROUGH 120 years. They should be healthy and live a long life. I really think I would have them here forever. I never thought I would say those words in a million years. Come "home" soon Mom and Dad!!!

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