Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Toilets, Tonsils and Tuesdays

I don't care too much for Tuesdays. I don't care for Tuesday even more, when on top of my already busy Tuesday schedule, I have to find time to vote and throw in a trip to the ENT with So. If that isn't enough, when So's morning toothbrush, (the one kept in the downstairs bathroom) goes missing, "coincidentally" the same time that bathroom's toilet finds itself inoperable, I have one toilet obsessed little boy to thank.

Tuesday is my carpool day, and for some reason, that gives me heart palpitations every week. I don't know why. Maybe it's that I am not a morning person in the first place (to put it mildly). Maybe it's the idea of trying to get five kids under the age of six strapped into booster seats. This first requires finding the seat belt buckles that are stuck UNDER the booster seats. Maybe it's the latest fight over proper terminology use between two six year olds that requires my intervening.

Today's topic:
Is it "much later" or "much more later"?
Well are you referring to something that takes place later, or later than later...?

When I drop off So to her school 20 minutes away, I am not done. I then return home and pick up Ro and Ate to take them to their school. I have to also remember that Tuesday is swim day for Ro.

Swimsuit on? check.
Towel and change of underwear in her bag? check.
Oh crap!!! Did I remember to send So with her gymnastics clothing, Tuesday is also gymnastics day for So.

Tuesdays usually finds me at So's school once (thank G-d she has busing back home) and Ro's school four times. This Tuesday, because of So's Dr. appointment, I was at So's school three times and Ro's school three times (thanks mom - in - law for picking Ate up at 12). BUT, and here is the clincher, today's Tuesday went really great.

I was surprisingly calm this morning, even when So began to cry over the fact that her princess toothbrush is probably in the toilet toothbrush heaven. The kids worked out their much/much more later dilemma on their own. Ate did not have his usual pouting session when I dropped him off at school. The 73 degree temperature in November in Chicago, is not to be taken for granted. Gas cost me twenty dollars less to fill my Sienna today since the price came down. I did not have to wait long to vote. And Dr M. the ENT was GREAT!!!

He was just as a pediatric ENT should be. He made So feel comfortable and more importantly, he made me feel comfortable. He was very impressed by the tonsils, giving it a rating of 4 on a scale of 0 to 4. He speaks in total detail about tonsils, adenoids and their removal. And after five minutes of talking to So, he said, "I bet you are really popular". Which means, HE understands that So has a social life independent of kissing boys. (reference to previous tonsil post). So in your face Dr. G.

So's tonsillectomy is scheduled for December 18. And although this Tuesday was not too bad, I made sure to schedule the surgery for a Thursday. I am not taking any chances.

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What was his name? Jakie had tubes put in his eas when he was 1 by a Dr from ENH whose name started with M. I don't remember his name.