Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tell It Like It Is Tuesday

I was actually planning on taking a stab at this "Not Me Monday" thing yesterday, but I was travelling and would not pay 6.95 to access the airport Internet for the hour and a half I waited to board my flight. Instead I am just going to lay it all out straight, tell it like it is

It's "Tell It Like It Is Tuesday"

On Saturday I took my girls to a pre - wedding shindig for a bride, and I DID ignore them while they ate five Frisbee size cookies and cup fulls of sour bears. They DID this just after we finished eating lunch at a friend who served practically the same thing for dessert.

On Sunday I DID finally put away all the summer clothes, after all it is November 9th

Also on Sunday, I DID run to Target at the last minute to get another six year old birthday present, because I still have not gotten myself organized enough to stock up on gifts during one Target trip. While there, I DID purchase 7 other things I did not come for. When pulling out 2 "sterilite" storage bins from the shelf at Target (for storing the summer clothes) it suddenly became clear to me that, this particular stack of bins was holding up the shelf above it, which had obviously now collapsed. I DID just glance at the spilled storage bins and tops and then walk away without notifying anyone.

Furthermore, on Sunday, besides getting ready for my trip, which included
-writing out five pages of notes and directions for the babysitter
-making nine lunches for the kids for the next 4 days
-placing 4 days worth of clothes for three kids each in organized rows on the dining room table.
-making up the guest room for the babysitter
-having the babysitter come for an hour so I could go over the notes with her (during the hour Desperate Housewives was on no less)
-and packing my own suitcase

I DID have to give the kids a second bath (they already had one after swimming) because So came home from her "spa" themed birthday party with a face that looked like colored whip cream exploded on it, and hair that was sprayed red and purple. And since So was getting a bath, that meant Ro and Ate had to have one too. Bath lovers!!!

I DID switch my carpool day from Tuesday to Monday, so I could get a carpool in this week before my trip and not have to do two next week, (great forward thinking on my part if I do say so myself). I DID then completely space out drive past one of my stops causing me an extra 8 minutes because I now had to wait in line to circle the block since I was driving past a school where kids were being unloaded from a bus.

In addition, when taking Ro to her school, I DID make it all the way there and park only to then discover, I left Ro's backpack with her lunch in it back at home. After going back home and retrieving the backpack, returning Ro back to school and finally returning home I then had only twenty minutes until my cab was coming.

I DID have to spank Ate on the wrist after I found him trying to stick a microphone cord into an electrical outlet. (Let me insert here, I am not a mother who hits, EXCEPT, when my kids are doing something that is extremely dangerous and would hurt them a thousand times more than the slap I gave them on the hand) This DID occur two hours after I saw Ro doing the same thing and I explained to her how dangerous it was and that Ate would copy her, at which point she told me that So was the one who taught her to stick the microphone cord in the outlet.

This episode left Ate crying which caused me tremendous guilt, especially since I was leaving him for 4 days in a matter of minutes. I DID refuse to leave the house until Ate said he loved me and gave me a kiss.

I DID buy a second coffee in the airport and guess what, I also paid a dollar for one lousy banana because I was too lazy busy to grab one of the eight I had at home, which will all be brown when I return.

I DID get really lucky and end up the only passenger on the plane with a whole row of seats. And when the guy in the aisle across from me pointed to the window seat in my row and ask if someone is sitting there, I DID immediately let him know of my intentions to take advantage of my good luck (and my family less travel) and sleep across all three seats just as soon as the plane that was delayed on the tarmac for no good reason would take off.

And I DID thank The Good Lord that my plane did not fall out of the sky and landed safely , so my father-in-law (and a few other people) have one less thing to worry about. And the day DID continue with a trip to Hun"s grandparents and some great steak in Manhattan. And that, my friends, brings me to Tuesday.

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