Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful The Stench Is Gone (Amongst Other Things)

Amongst the Jewish people, there are those who do not subscribe to the celebration of Thanksgiving because it does not fall into the category that is shared by the multitude of "religious" holidays they celebrate. However, there are others who subscribe to the idea that Thanksgiving, a secular holiday, can be celebrated universally by any religion. I am one of those.

Thanksgiving, besides being about Pilgrims and Native Americans (I am so PC) and turkey, is just simply about setting aside a day to be thankful. And for all those who feel, "we should be thankful every day, who needs just one day set aside", this is true, but how many are consciously thankful everyday.

I was thankful yesterday, while I was blogging about blessings and compassion, I was feeling thankful. I can not say I am consciously thankful everyday, but I make an effort many days of my life to sit back, breathe and focus on the positive.

Although, while doing three loads of laundry yesterday, and blogging in my basement, two feet away from the laundry room, my olfactory senses began to give me reason to be, how shall I say it, LESS than thankful. And then I followed my nose and saw this -

What is this? This is,
uhhhh, ground sludge, crud, crap, poop, no matter how PC I try to be, I just want to say Sh#!!!!

This is already after it has been cleaned up a bit. My ejector pump is supposed to EJECT this "stuff" away from my house into the sewer line, not into my house. This is the fifth time it has happened and it seems to be worse every time.

This is Gloria, lovely, lovely, most wonderful woman who cleans my house and watches my kids from time to time. She has, THANKFULLY, been in my house for every one of these occasional toilet waste back ups and Gloria is Glorious. She gets right to it , even bare handed (please G-d I hope you washed them) and cleans the stinky, awful sludgy mess.

So I am thankful:

For Gloria.

For the plumber who answered his phone the first time I called and was at my house 2 hours later with a new pump (because I can not keep going through this).

For Hun, because he agreed we should spend the "unfortunate and unexpected" amount of money to replace the pump.

For Ate who DID NOT walk right into the excrement, even whilst curious.

(Not really thankful for the stench this mess and the plumber left behind that emanated in my house, BUT)

For my mother-in-law who took all three kids late afternoon to her house and then kept the girls for an

For Ate, who does not yet have the
adequate olfactory senses to know he should be sick to his stomach like Mommy.

For Hun who took me away from the
wretched smell, to a much more pleasant smelling theater for a few hours.

Oh, and for the sweet smelling aroma of Starbucks.

In addition to, of course, the usual:

My husband

My kids

My family



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