Saturday, November 22, 2008


My parents, who are still living by me while they finish construction on their house, went away this Sabbath to my brother's house. Frankly, I'm surprised it took my brother a year and three months to invite my parents to spend the weekend while they have been living at my home. But at least he got it in there before they move back to their house.

So with my parents out for the weekend and no other guests invited to our two Thanksgiving size meals we tend to have every weekend, and a third meal that consists of pretty much, yo crunch yogurt, I was able to reflect on the joys and blessings in my life, my family. It couldn't have come at a better time, after three days spent blogging about bitter moments in my life, I was able to focus on everything that brings me calm and happiness, my husband and three little ones. So I will share four stories/thoughts that made my weekend so simply, WONDERFUL.

My daughter So, who has a tremendous thirst for learning and can not seem to get enough, brought home a sheet of questions, as she does every week, pertaining to this weeks Torah/Bible portion that is read in Synagogue on Saturday. This weeks segment is called "Chayah Sarah" - "The Life of Sarah" (Abraham's wife).

1. I was so proud when my husband BEGAN to ask the first question and she interrupted by stating the question exactly as it was written on the sheet, before he could get out the second word. "How old was Sarah when she died?"

Hun joked with her at that point and said, "No, I was going to ask you how old Sarah was when she was born."

To which So replied, without missing a beat, "She was zero, now ask me the real question please."

Hun also decided to ask her one question that was not on the sheet, "What does "Chayah Sarah" mean?"

She thought for a second and said, "I don't know, I don't think Mrs. S. told us that."

Well my Hun, who forgets that So is extremely comfortable with all adults including her first grade Hebrew teacher, tested So by telling her she should go over to said teacher's house and kindly inform Mrs. S. that she forgot to teach the meaning of these words and should ask what the meaning is.

I should probably mention here, that it just so happens, So's first grade Hebrew teacher, Mrs. S. lives only two doors away from us. Great for school loving, teacher obsessed So, not so great for Mrs. S.

So had her coat on and was by the door before you could say "lickity split", at which point I saw this scene unfolding and suggested to So that she not bother Mrs. S. at home, and reminded my husband that testing So in this way was probably not the greatest idea he ever had. At which point So was back at the table about to take a bite into her chicken when she yelled out, "THE LIFE OF SARAH."

So makes me so proud.

2.Ro was being her usual, I need to grow up real quick and be a Mommy, self. She had the balls in the shirt, which I have to say, were evenly matched this time. She had a hat of mine on her head, and she was casually wandering around with a stroller full of a litter of children. (To tell you the truth, between the balls and the kids, she looked more like Angelina Jolie than me.)

She stopped where I was sitting and asked, "Mommy, when I grow up, will I look the same or different?"

I didn't quite get what she was asking. Was she somehow referring to the balls? "What do you mean Ro, the same or different as what?"

"The same or different as my face now?"

"Oh, I think you will look the same."

She pondered my answer for a minute and then said, "I don't think my daughters will like my face then."

"Awwww, Ro, your daughters will love your face because it is the most beautiful face ever."

I think we will need to work on some self-esteem issues.

3.Saturday morning, with Hun and the girls out of the house, I was having quality time with my two year old son Ate. At one point he thought it would be fun to jump on me and more specifically on my belly. I had to remind him that Mommy has a baby in her belly and he has to be nice and gentle and this means, no jumping on Mommy's belly. He looked a little confused, but then began to "make nice" to my belly by stroking it with his hand and repeatedly saying "nice, nice, nice."

I then continued with our conversation by asking, "Ate, are you going to be a big brother?"

He looked up at me with those big brown eyes and simply replied, "No thanks."

He then got off the couch and used his sister's barbie doll to wack a ball across the room.

4. Finally, my very caring, loving, considerate (had no choice, because I made him) husband, let me take a long nap on Saturday afternoon. When I woke, I came downstairs to find him sitting with the three kids on the family room floor. There was a plate of cut up apples and oranges sitting in the middle and they were all playing "Hello Kittie Bingo". Unfortunately I could not take a picture at the time, but I think I captured this image in my mind for future reference. Because when old crap comes creeping up on you, and begins to haunt you, these are the images you want to prevail, to remind you that life is ok. No, life is more than ok, it's So and Ro and Ate and Hunalicious.

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