Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday - Mama's Day And Birthday Surprises

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival full of Mommy Day and Birthday surprises was originally created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and every other Mama with or without birthdays have not been doing this week.


My mom did not desperately try to "convince" me to go into labor yesterday because I was born on Mother's Day and she thought it would be cool if I ended up having a Mother's Day baby as well.

I am so NOT still very pregnant and as much as I do want to deliver desperately, it is not me who will selfishly keep my legs together until 12:01 am Tuesday, because I do not want to share my birthday with my child. I would never be that pathetically selfish.

It was not me who did not rush this week to post a "Not Me! Monday" because once again I made a Doctor's appointment for Monday morning and knew I would not get an early link anyway.

I also did not just realize last night that due to my appointment time I would not be able to take Ate to his school to celebrate his classroom's "Mother's Day" party with him. It is not me who does not realize that my two year old has no clue that he missed any parties anyway.

It was not my lovely, considerate husband who took the kids, still in pajamas to Dunkin Donuts yesterday morning to get me breakfast in bed. (Like hell he would have actually MADE me breakfast in bed himself.) It is not me who is grateful for Dunkin Donuts drive thru, so I would not be embarrassed my pajama clad family would not be embarrassed of their attire. I did not receive a lovely card and coffee as well as doughnut AND chocolate frosted coffee roll AND cinnamon raisin bagel, which I certainly did not eat all at once. I would never eat ALL that fat and sugar, thinking, may as well get it all in now, because after I deliver, it's diet time.

It was not the same lovely, considerate hubby who came with me to my Doctor's appointment this time because he was adamant about spending time with me on my birthday he had to get a blood draw nearby anyway and has a tendency to faint.

It was not my plans for a manicure/pedicure which were pushed off because Hun actually DID decide to faint just after his blood draw and needed extra time and extra attention from the phlebodomist, his nurse/wife and an EMT who just happened to be there while her Mom was having blood drawn.

It did not freak the nurse/wife in me out at all, watching my own husbands eyes roll back in his head just before he passed out. And I CERTAINLY, did not for a moment think to myself,

"I can not believe my Hun faints after a blood draw and I am going to sing Hallelujah as I push something the size of a watermelon outta me."

I would never be unsympathetic for even a moment.

I did not have to forgo the manicure and just settle for a pedicure because I was set to meet a friend for lunch and was running out of time. It was not the calculation that I can, in fact, reach my own fingers, but not my toes that had me choose the pedicure over the manicure.

I do not have rockin' feet to stick in my Doctor's face now - I am so ready!

The friend I was set to have lunch with did not surprise me and bring 3 other rockin' friends and make lunch into a lovely little birthday shindig.

(Thanks girls - you rock!)

This day could not get any better.....

..... wait - yes it could.

Well at 12:01 am anyway.

What is sooooo NOT going on with you?

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Shosh said...

happy bday! i watched a friend faint when she got blood drawn. her face turned white and her eyes rolled back in her head. it was sooo creepy.

Anonymous said...

I told DK about Hun's fainting spell and he's like "ohh, well that is sooo normal"....and he meant it cuz he always faints when his blood gets drawn. To call our hubby's wusses would be a complete understatement!!
And when u are pushing out your watermelon/baby, I think the Doc will be saying..."c'mon orah, push, you can do it.....ohhh, and niiiiice toes." U, psycho!
- Miss S.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

That was awesome! I wouldn't want to share my bday either. No offense children, but we mama's got to take all we can!

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Happy Birthday!! I did not schedule my induction for 2 days after my birthday because I sooooo did not want to share my birthday either. I don't know just where you're coming from.
Isn't enough that you occasionally have to share your birthday with Mothers day?!? I also know what that's like because I share mine with Fathers day every so many years.
I hope at 12:01 your water breaks!!

elisha said...

Happy Birthday!!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Happy belated birthday! And no sharing with your youngest...hurray!

Great list! Your hubby sounds like mine! Your pedicure and lunch sound nice. said...

oh my gosh!!! love these.

Happy Belated Birthday friend.

Looks like you made it!

Poor hun!!!