Saturday, May 30, 2009

H2 - Oh My G-d

My kids apparently have an affinity for water play, not necessarily at the most appropriate times in the most appropriate clothing though.

lovely moment ?

In keeping with the "Holiday" water play spirit, we could not go a whole two days without finding someone in their Holiday best, drenched through to their gotchkas.

On Friday we ate at my sister-in-law for lunch. She has a two year old girl named T. who loves to play with Ate. When Ate is enticed to play by his female cousins, he likes to pull out the charm card and show them what kind of coolness he is made of.

When I heard a commotion taking place in back of the apartment, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I gave birth a week ago and made it seem as if I was deep in newborn baby care (although I think he was being held by someone else at the time) and I just ignored the situation. That is, until I heard my SIL yell out,


Those are never good words to hear.

It seems my lovely, well meaning SIL left a huge jug of bottled water that had a pull out spout, in a very child friendly spot on the counter. And that spout just called right out to Ate,


And so he did. And so there was free flowing water onto the floor and his socks and the bottom of his pants as well as his cousins feet...

So five towels later and a borrowed pair of socks, we were ready to go back home.

Saturday for lunch we were set to eat at my MIL's house. I thought for five seconds about bringing a second pair of clothes for Ate, but after all the paraphernalia I needed to bring for my baby, that thought waned quickly.

Fast forward a few hours later, there was commotion in the basement. And this time I ACTUALLY was tending to baby (the whole nursing thing) and could only hear that Hun was on his way. At which point my other SIL who was eating at my MIL as well who also has a 2 year old daughter named L. who loves to play with Ate and is Svengalied by his charm and wit, already removed them from a basement sink where Ate was dumping cup fulls of water onto the floor causing, again, soaked socks and pants cuffs.

But that could not possibly be enough...

I could expect these things from two year olds, but what lay ahead, not only iced the cake, but gave the cake five layers and four different fillings and loads of cherries on top.

So, Ro and their five year old cousin Yo (not kidding, first two letters of all their names) who were thought to still be playing in the basement, apparently were NOT exactly in the basement. In fact, they were not even in the house. They decided to go out to the backyard.... and..... hose themselves down. Literally, turn on water...take hose....water each other....return to house, hair drenched, clothing soaked.

We were just about to leave for home. I wanted to have them walk home exactly as is, you know, to teach them a lesson.

"If you water it, you walk home in it"

But my MIL was not having it. I can't argue with their Grandmother. So they each donned the only thing my MIL had, their Uncle T.'s t-shirts.

So there we were, standing outside in front of my MIL's house, about to walk home, So in orange, Ro in green and Yo in a blue t-shirt that on them looked like an odd dress, with water still dripping from their hair. And Ate had some white gym socks on his feet that were 2 sizes to big and therefore he had no shoes on and off we went.

I imagine we looked like we came from Clown College where today's lesson was, how to spray a hose full of water from a funky flower on your over sized clown lapel.

Well, at least bath time was taken care of.

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Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

It sounds like lots of fun was the kids anyhow. At least this was all done in decent weather rather than in freezing temperatures. That would have made the walk home much more unpleasant.

Brie said...

I so wish this occurred when it wasn't yuntif so you could have taken some pictures!

Anonymous said...

Ate's new nickname has just gone from Don Juan to Waterboy. Maybe he has a future career in aquatics. Ooooh, maybe he can be a dolphin trainer at the Shedd!!
- Miss. S

p.s. - I agree w/ Brie, pics woulda been nice! said...

oh my, they must have been a sight for sore eyes walking home!

What could have possibly inspired all of that H2O fun?!