Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have so much to post about the last week or so, but most of it will have to wait until the beginning of next week.

It is nice to know that my followers (whoever
some of you may be, and I WOULD someday love to know) have been checking in from time to time.

In Interim,

I will only say, I feel great. Thank G-d.

It was a relief to unload a nine pound three ounce baby and what my Doctor referred to as an "enormous placenta". And considering the frequency of bathroom trips I make, the fluid is still being flushed out from my body. I refuse to get on a scale yet, but I feel much lighter and I believe my pelvic bones have been re-fusing together.

Everything went smoothly, which I do not take fo
r granted and (knock on wood, and all that sort of stuff) he has been a really good baby thus far.

Of course (JULIE) I will share more details later, but in interim, I leave you with some pictures.

I hope this is enough to tie you all over for now. Tonight begins another two day long Jewish Holiday (cuz G-d wants us to EAT more).

It is 50 days since Passover. The Jews wandered the desert and came to Mount Sanai where G-d gave, via Moses the Ten Commandments and and the Torah (Old Testament). We celebrate that moment with a holiday called Shavuos. So everyone, have a great weekend - in interim.

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Anonymous said...

The last 2 pics are de-lish (the one w/ AM w/ hand near his mouth and the one where Tzvi is holding him.
HAHA, enormous placenta...sounds lovely and considering your nine pounder, not suprising!! Doesn't all of baby's food and nutrients travel through that? wonder it was ginormous.
Happy Milchik fest and dont dare go on a scale till yuntiv is waaaaay over!!!
- Miss S.

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

He is so cute! I want another baby!!! Where is my husband?!?!?!
Oh probably won't happen but he is super cute and I am glad that you are feeling better. Thank goodness for an smooth delivery and I hope he continues to be a good baby. I hope we will get lots and lots more pictures. Since I can't have another one of my own, I have to make do with pictures I get to see in bloggy land. So thanks for helping me get my daily fix so far!

adinab said...

The pics are great Orah! Especially the one with Tzvi holding him! I love it! Anyway, I hope dinner was ok last night. After I made it it occurred to me that spicy chicken probably wasn't the best thing to give to a nursing mama. Anyway, have fun eating on Yomtov, you still have at least five weeks til you can even start thinking about it!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

What a cutie! And I love the whole fam kissing him on the head. Glad you and he and the whole family is doing well. Have a nice holiday! said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!

You knew that i would want the nitty gritty-down to earth-tell me about each labor pain-details!

But yes, I am oh so satisfied with the awesome pix!!!

Does he get a name on his eighth day?

Enjoy your holiday, but mostly your precious bundle of awesomeness with that amazing head of hair!!!

Congrats again my friend!


elisha said...

the pics are super cute! I am glad you are feeling good!