Thursday, March 12, 2009

Purim Fiesta!!!!

Well I am still recovering...

After losing an hour Saturday night, making a birthday Sunday night, going to hear the "Book Of Esther" read Monday night, followed by a late dinner party at my Synagogue, then staying up until 1 am closing up my Purim food baskets, only to wake up by excited children who needed to be dressed in costume yet again, sending them out to deliver the food baskets, cleaning the mess in my house, spending the rest of the evening eating more food at my parents house with 27 people and not getting the kids to bed until 10:30 pm Tuesday night - I thought Wednesday would be my "new" day of rest.

(That was the longest run-on sentence ever.)

Of course - Ate had other plans and somehow ended up in my bed last night, tossing and turning due to his "anal - retentive" habits and coughing from the lovely evolving cold and post-nasal drip, putting a halt to my much needed rest.

So I was thinking of taking ANOTHER day off from blogging (not like anyone misses me anyway) but these withdrawal symptoms are nasty.

Let me backtrack.........this post is about Purim.

Purim is actually a "universal" holiday. Did you know that? You don't have to be Jewish to celebrate Purim. Just ask Madonna and Demi Moore. They are waaaaaaaaaaay not Jewish and they know that Purim is a universal holiday. Either that, or they like costume parties and booze.

Purim is celebrated to remind us of one of the many times in history, that the Jewish Nation was to be annihilated, yet through "messengers" actions and the hidden hand of G-d, the lives of the Jews in Persia (now Iran) were spared and the evil Haman who got the King of Persia to make the decree in the first place, was killed along with his ten sons.

Queen Esther - who was in fact Jewish and through random events and circumstances was married to the King of Persia, along with her uncle Mordechai, convinced the King to overturn the decree - thus saving her fellow Jewish people.

If you never read the "Book Of Esther" it is actually a fascinating story. I always felt, that it has the making of a great Disney movie. All the characters are already set in place.
The aloof, easily swayed King Achashveirosh
The antagonistic, evil advisor to the King - Haman
The absolutely, stunning, beautiful savior (and protagonist) - Queen Esther
The friend, and supporter (and possibly true love) to the Queen - Mordechai.
And some other characters, such as Haman's wife and two bumbling fools out to poison the King, who can be used for comic relief, and help carry the story along.

The script is practically written already.
(Did you know I took a movie script writing course? You do now.)

On Purim, we dress in costume, that may or may not be related to the characters in the Purim story. We also deliver baskets of food to friends, family and neighbors. It is a completely celebratory holiday. We also have a big feast, usually with family and/or friends. These feasts usually include some amount of (safe) boozing. (Which I could not partake in this year due to fetus in utero.)

It is a day that is full of joy, joy, joy.................and exhaustion.
And waaaaaaaaaaay too much sugar that has children bouncing off the walls. But the smiles on the children's faces, says it all.

Because I mentioned my lack of recovery, still - I will post a couple of pictures today. However, the feast I had with my family, needs its own post, because it comes with some rather INTERESTING pictures. So I will hopefully have that up tomorrow.

Every year, my family gets dressed up with a theme in mind. My food baskets also usually have a theme. But in years past, the two themes are never related. This year, however, it all tied together.

I will aslo mention, that this year, the costumes and theme solely revolved around what I could possibly fit my big, pregnant belly into....

So here it is:


This Mexican Poncho fit me perfectly.

Here are my two beautiful Mexican dancers. I knew they would not agree to wearing the more masculine serapes and sombreros, so I found these dresses. I think these dresses are actually from some other Country, but still the colors of the Mexican it works. If they have long flowing dresses, make-up and a smashing hair-do, they are agreeable to anything.

Speaking of hair-doos...

Between Monday night and Tuesday night, I had to do their hair on three separate occasions. It was two pig-tails , each braided with a red ribbon and then pinned up across their head. It took for - friggin' ever and did not come without crying on Ro's part. I asked her if she wanted them many times, and she said yes again and again - but she cried through it, each time. The things "women" do for beauty - starts younger and younger these days.

And my story teller - So, she told friends that she got her hair professionally done. Seriously - she has a vivid imagination.

And this little dude in the middle - he is already the biggest flirt in general, but put on the costume and all of a sudden he is "Don Juan". He was totally hitting on all the ladies...

"Wanna come under my poncho....come.....wanna see...come under............wanna...."

And these are my Mexican themed Purim Fiesta - food baskets sombreros. We call them "Shaloch Maanos". I only made 16 of these, which I give to neighbors and family (so I Hun does not have to drive all over Chicagoland doing deliveries). I give all my friends baskets that get sent from a local Jewish High School. The school makes money and I save time and energy. I also saved time and energy this year, by only including purchased items in my basket. I usually bake and make home-made chocolates, but for reasons you can probably guess, I took the year off from the home-made goodies.

Each basket Sombrero, had a rolled up poem inside, pretty much describing the items within the sombrero (because I have little confidence that the recipients of the basket will figure it out on their own). I wrote the poem at 12:30 in the morning, and it is not that creative, but it does what's intended.

Just in case you can not make out the poem, here it is:

It's a Purim Fiesta
So put on your Sombrero
There is plenty to eat
Treats, tu quiero

The tamales are hot
The tortillas are not

Nuts full of chili and lime
A bottle of Corona, so sublime

A jar of salsa, so nice
An avocado to slice and dice.

Plenty of food
For a Mexican party
Enough for a feast
So wholesome and hearty.


So there it all is - the first half of my Purim anyway. I hope to post a little more tomorrow, including a most hysterical picture of my mother. So stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Cute, cute & cute. Did anyone ever tell you that you'd be a great teacher? Your (Purim) storytelling skills are definitely entertaining. So funny bout Madonna and Demi!! (my mom and her hubby ran into her a bunch of times at the Kabbalah Center, many moons ago, when they uhmmmm, went there)
Luv Don Juan Jr. and your girls looked lovely in their outfits. If I tried to put makeup on my girls w/ the intention of them actually looking pretty, I'd end up making them look like clowns. I suck at putting on makeup, but good job on theirs!
- Miss S.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I never knew about this festival, so it was cool to read up about it. Thanks for taking the time to share with those of us who are clueless!

elisha said...

what a great theme!! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Not sure if you are aware or not but Veggie Tales has an Esther movie. It stays fairly close to the book (in kids terms) in my opinion.
You all looked great. The girls dresses are too cute.

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Not sure if you are aware or not but Veggie Tales has an Esther movie. It stays fairly close to the book (in kids terms) in my opinion.
You all looked great. The girls dresses are too cute.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

So creative! I love it! The costumes and baskets look amazing.

And thanks for the history year I might have to do it up Madonna or Demi style!

Shira said...

Really cute theme! Where did you get the costumes?

Orah said...

DD Girl - thanks for coming and you're welcome.

Heidi - I did not know, I will have to look out for that.

Carey - Madonna seems to really enjoy it, this year she dressed up as her teenage daughter Lourdes.

Shira - the girls dresses were from a costume shop (online) although it is a place here in Chicago. The Serapes and Sombreros were ordered online from a site that sells Mexican clothing and items. I plan on making future use of these items - blankets at the ball game... I can even use the serape as a nursing cover... said...

I have loved reading about Purim through my bloggy friends.

The story of Esther is one of my favorite. I did not realize that you could celebrate Purim even if you are not Jewish.

Your kids look adorable in these pix!