Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday - Not Taking The Easy Way Out.

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It is not me who is writing this post at 8:53 am on Monday when I usually have it written by Sunday afternoon.

I did not procrastinate for a month when it came to making Ro an "at home" birthday party" because the thought of having 17 four and five year old kids over needing some form of elaborate entertaining, gave me heart palpitations. It was also not the thought of it alone that already zapped the valuable energy out of me.

I did not take full advantage of the fact that Ro is my "easier to please" daughter and ask her if she minded having just a family birthday party this year. She, of course, did not, as expected take this suggestion request very well, responding,

"But will I have a cake and will I get presents?"

I did not put together such a low maintenance birthday party, that only included six children altogether and ten adults, and yet for some reason I was so NOT wiped out even before it begun.

I did not have to run around Sunday morning to five different places in a torrential down pour and figure, that at least I am saving money on a car wash.

I have not been constantly looking for the "easy way out" of things lately.

It was not me who did not even turn my clock back an hour this past fall, so that this weekend, I did not then have to move it an hour forward. I mean, how lazy can I one person be?

Even though So's school was having a carnival on Sunday, that partly took place during So's usual swim lessons and then continued a few hours after when she also had a friends birthday party, I certainly would not have given So an ultimatum - birthday or carnival - pick one.

When she originally picked carnival, I did not cringe because that would require more from me than just a drop off and I did not want to be subjected to a multitude of children screaming in a school gym.

It was not me, who squealed with delight when I heard that the majority of So's friends were picking birthday over carnival. I would not then, use that to my advantage and remind So that she would not see her friends at the carnival because they were all going to the party.

She did not sooooooooooooo change her mind in an instant.

I do not try to take the EASY WAY OUT. No, not me!

What kind of "easy way out" were you all not taking this week.

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Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Oh my, the thought of the birthday party stresses me out as well. My son had an ultimatum for a birthday party/tubing party this weekend as well. I sent him to the birthday party, so it is easier on me!

Anonymous said...

Having to come up w/ a wonderful birthday party celebration, I think, would give most mothers heart palpitations. And if it doesn't, well those mothers are completely superhuman/abnormal!
I am all about the family oriented birthday parties. They can be just as fun for your child and without all that added pressure of having to entertain the other little devils/friends. So, don't look at is as taking the EZ way out as much as keeping your much needed sanity!!
- Miss S.

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I have always gone the easy route with my kids for birthday parties. The three older ones all have summer birthdays so it's off to the pool for the whole gaggle. I'm not sure what I am going to do when Rebecca decides she wants a party in January. We don't even live near a Chuck E. Cheese.
Even though you wrote your post late you still made it to such a great number. I am once again in the triple digits.

Wayne said...

hey great stratgy about using the rain for the carwash, and I bet it was a great bday party

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great post this week! Birthday parties completely stress me out, as well!