Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday - When Exhaustion Sets In

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog of exhaustion induced craziness was originally created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not exhaustively been doing this week.

I did not start off my week by throwing a "fabulous" Oscar party. By party, I am not referring to four women stuffing their faces with some yumm takeout, while watching Hugh Jackman sing new show tunes projected on my wall in 25 square feet of space. There is no way that this years "exciting" Oscar extravaganza put one of us to sleep, gave another of us a headache, gave my two year old son the opportunity to flirt with a thirty something year old woman, and has left me struggling to get "Slum Dog Millionaire's" Jai Ho song out of my head.

It was certainly not me who was walking around the local supermarket, three separate times this week, for two hours at a time and ended up with only six items in my cart at the end of those two hours. I am certainly not such a "walking zombie" lately that I almost ran my own father over with my shopping cart on Friday while he happened to be at the same supermarket as me. If I did, I definitely did not then say,
"Oh, excuse me SIR"
and then begin to walk off.
I could not possibly be that spaced out.

I do not totally blame my pregnancy induced anemia for my exhaustion as opposed to the fact that on average, I have not been getting more than five hours of sleep a night. It is not me who can not take responsibility for my own decision to go to sleep late, because I think that watching "Big Love" repeated at 1 in the morning is more important than sleep, even though this show repeats itself all week long at earlier hours.

It was not me who was just getting over the Jai Ho song when I stupidly decided to finally go see the Movie "Slum Dog Millionaire". And now it is not me who not only STILL has the Jai Ho song stagnant in my brain, but is also experiencing bizarre dreams about random wedding parties posting their stupid version of the Jai Ho Bollywood dance to "You Tube". These bizarre dreams are then, in no way contributing to my lack of proper sleep.

It could not be me, who after months of popping CRAP loads of iron (no pun intended), finds out I am still anemic because of the child growing inside me who has taken my blood volume hostage and will not share the iron with me. I would not reasonably consider that my aversion to all things protein and iron rich, such as, meat, chicken, fish and eggs could also be playing a role in my iron deficiency. This did not justify my decision to go get myself a burger so I may eat a large amount of grease with a small amount of iron rich, meat attached to it. I am in no way currently suffering for this bright decision I have made.

And to make myself feel better, it is not only me who has had a NOT ME! WEEK.

It was not So, who was so excited to go to her friends' swimming party, only to discover along with, about 20 other girls five minutes before pool time, that there would be no swimming because a child, just moments earlier, had decided to make the pool her/his hazardous waste dumping site. It was not the birthday girl's mom who asked the lifeguards,
"Can't you just remove IT from the pool"?

To which the lifeguard did not say,
"Ummm, IT's sort of.....all over the pool".

It was not me who had to figure what else to do with 20 girls for an hour.
(No really, it was NOT me)
(Sorry A. and C.)

What have you all not been Jai Ho'ing bout this week???

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Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Oh, you poor thing. I laughed so hard over you bumping into your dad! That was great.
Also, sorry you didn't get to swim because IT was all over the pool. My son has never done THAT...

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I have not totally been at the pool when that happened and had to try to deal with disappointed kids. I cannot remember being anemic when I was pregnant too. Greedy kids I tell ya! They want everything from us, even before they're born.

Heather said...

Great "Not mes!" Did you finally get the song out of your head?

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great list this week. Sorry about the pool incident...that's a bummer!

Anonymous said...

Poor you, a walking zombieeee!! Nice bumping into your dad, you really are out of it! Oscar night was fun....good times....but couldn't you have made this 30 something year old, a 20 something year old instead?? Feeling a bit like Mrs. Robinson....
Slumdawg was the bomb and we'll all be Jai-hoing until the sequel, "Used to be slumdawg, but now Im bathing in rupeeees and have a hot girlfriend." Can't wait for that one.
Anemia, shmenia.....go to bed earlier WOMAN...and start scarfing down some protein rich foods!!
You'll be better off for it and so will to put my babies to sleep!!
- Miss S. said...

Loved reading about your yummy munching, zombie shopping, anemic,
Jai Ho lovin', poop avoiding post!

Hope you will have fewer not me's next week ")

Rayli said...

i also think its worth staying up till 1 am to watch shows ive already seen...what's wrong with us???