Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm It!!!

I was tagged!

And, I told Carey that she could look out for my response to the tag on Tuesday. Well today is Thursday and I did not post for the past two days, so I suppose I spoke too soon.

For those of you who do not know Carey, you can find her blog and the post that tagged me


I have been enjoying her blog, and she has returned the favor by mentioning mine, albeit, in a tag.

I am supposed to write 7 things about myself, which seems like it will be a bit contrived since my entire blog is already pretty much about me and everyone and everything included in MY life. (Isn't every one's blog?)

I also fell prey to the infamous "25 random things about you" on Facebook, so before I begin, I already feel the redundancy.

But I feel obliged (sort of), so here goes:

1. I hate being tagged. (Although, Carey - I appreciate that you thought of me enough to choose me as a tagee). I am not dependable when it comes to tagging. I will only let you down. I will break all tags and I do not respond to chain letters. As I write this, I have no intention to continue this specific tagging process. I will write six more things about myself - because, let's face it, who does not like to talk about herself? But, I will not be tagging any more people - the game dies with me. However, I used to like tag in grade school - the actual game that is. I liked to chase and be chased and call out new safety zones in middle of a game that were not agreed upon at the beginning of the game. I liked it.......... until my friend Judith ran into a table and needed stitches on her chin. Now Tag is pretty traumatic for me. Oh well.

2. I collect shot glasses. I have shot glasses from every city/state and Country I have been to. Some that are included in my collection - London (it says "I got pissed in London"), Budapest, Stockholm, Frankfurt and one from Ohio that has a picture of Hillbillies on it holding rifles that says, "Homeland Security - Ohio Chapter". I have a total of 27 right now.

3. I am full of useless information. Friends call me Cliff, as in Cliff Claven the know it all mailman who sat at the bar at "Cheers". I read all news periodicals, whether they are educational or vacuous. I watch every news program, including but not limited to - 60 minutes, Dateline, Nightline, 20/20, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Entertainment News Programs, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and more. I also like all the information I gather from TLC and Discovery Health. It is not normal - but it comes in handy when people want to know about the lack of specific migration of Orca whales, because they go where the food is instead, even showing up in the Gulf of Mexico (warm waters) when it was believed they only swim in cool waters.

3. I have gone on "March Of The Living". This is an organized trip to Poland and Auschwitz, as well as other concentration camps. I went with a group from Chicago that invited my Father along, to be the token Holocaust Survivor on the trip. I watched my father say the "Kel Maleh Rachamim" (a Hebrew prayer for the souls of the departed) while he stood in front of a crematorium - possibly the crematorium where remnants of his Parent's ashes still lay. I will never be rid of this image from my mind - EVER.

4. I have gone to the Oprah show twice in the mid 90's. It is so much harder to get tickets now.

5. I had a lengthy conversation with Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey at "Second City" in Chicago in the mid 90's about the "joys" of dating, while hanging out after the show. I think about it every time I watched them on SNL and on "30 Rock". Poor Rachel - still not married.

6. I will eat a pastry over ice cream any day of the week. I am a carbo freak, but it's okay, because I am a treadmill whore.

7. My hair (which is hardly seen these days, due to the myriads of coverings that I wear on my head) is naturally curly. However, it was only wavy until I went on a trip to Israel in '89. Something in the water made my hair go all ringlet on me. It is still curly, but I hot iron it straight most of the time. All the hot ironing has now left my hair looking like a frizzy wavy mess when I do not straighten it. I can't win. Good thing it's covered up.

Well there you go. Have you learned anything seemingly interesting about me? Probably not. But thanks for taking the time to read my blas`e affairs. And thank you Carey - I apologize for breaking the tag though.

EDITED: You got some extra information out of me - because like the dork that I am, I have two separate points listed under number 3.

7 have shown Orah a little love:

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I loved it!! A treadmill whore~ me too! I love carbs, but love my treadmill just as much!
To add to you comment on my blog? They could study my 15 year old Brother in law and is pregnant 15 year old girlfriend.... how 2 morons reproduce...

Anonymous said...

I have bout 4 min and 27 seconds before my timer goes off and the kids' Foulds mac and cheese becomes Foulds mac n mush!
I liked the shot glasses , 27!!?? I have ONLY 2 and I AM THE LUSH....GIVE ME SOME, DAMMIT!!
- March of the Living stuff ( i went on it also) always makes me way emotional cuz I think of my bubby (who just passed).
-Pastry whore and treadmill whore, good, good, u must be a whore at both, or else u'd be in trouble..
- K, my timer went off, frizz girl!
- miss S.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Wait...are bloggers allowed to admit that we don't like to be tagged?!?!?! For some reason the tag and award posts take me forever to write. (And I, too, break all those horrible chain emails I get from friends.)

Your list was great. You had me chuckling at #2 and #3 and almost tearing up at #4. Thanks for playing along.

And I more tags! said...

I'm loving learning all of these great things about you.

Especially hearing of your father. Moving.

I for one am glad you were tagged!


Claire said...

Great post, Cliff. I would love to go on Oprah!


Candice said...

Pastry over ice cream?

What the heck is wrong with you woman? :) said...

Hoping you are OK...your silence makes me wonder if all is well.

I sure hope so!

Take care!