Tuesday, October 6, 2009



Seasonal Affective Disorder, that is.

While this disorder implies that during the colder, cloudier, sun lacking months, people are actually sad and depressed, I personally do not feel sad about anything, except that I have to spend roughly an hour bundling my kids every time we walk out the door.

However, I have much less energy this time of year, which I completely blame on the lack of sun.

I realize there are people who always have bountiful energy levels, no matter what the weather, but I figured there were many like me who are moving at snails pace during these inevitable Chicago gloomy months.

But then two years ago I had a blood test and found out that I actually was Vitamin D deficient. The interesting thing about this blood test two years ago... It was taken in January, but the hospital had a new system of delivering the results via Internet, that I was not completely made aware of. I thought I would receive results in the mail if there were any abnormalities, as is usually the case. When I received nothing, I continued on with my mundane, low energy exerting life.

Then I had a repeat test in August, after two months (at least) of SUN, glorious SUN, and my Doctor said,

"I guess the supplements were helpful".

"Huh, what supplements?"

"Didn't you get the Vitamin D. supplements that I suggested, due to your Vitamin D. deficiency?"

"Huh, what vitamin D. deficiency?"

Apparently, my supplement came in June and July by way of a HOT, UV ray spewing, cancer causing, ball of gasses and fire.

So the next fall, I decided to take Vitamin D. supplements, which may help, but I can tell you (because we went to Miami last year) nothing compares to the Vitamin D. one gets from the Sun. I don't care if you drink milk directly from the utter of a cow, or down Vitamin D. supplements like they have "Vicodin" written all over it, the Sun is poignant when it comes to soaking up the "D".

I needs me my Sun fix!!!

A few summer's ago, one of my friends attempted to scold me for conveniently "forgetting" to apply sunblock to my children's exposed skin before they went outside.

It can not be done - scolding me, that is. I do not accept scolding for the wise choices I make.

First off, I do apply sunblock to my kids, part of almost every day of the summer months. I do take skin cancer seriously.


I also realize the benefits of the sun.

When an article came out, shortly after the attempted scolding incident, about the rise of "Rickets" in children and the rise of Vitamin D. deficiency in children - in the US of A, my friend was embarrassed of her scolding ways.

(There are so many articles I will not link just one, but google "Rickets on the rise" and you can read if you like)
Rickets is a "soft bone" disorder. It used to exist, mainly in Countries where malnutrition was inevitable. It can happen to infants when expectant mothers have vitamin D. deficiency and continues when children are not drinking enough milk or getting enough sun. Vitamin D. is necessary for the proper absorption of calcium. And calcium is necessary for ensuring the development of strong bones.

Personally, I do not think that lack of milk, is the real culprit. I think we have become a society that becomes afraid of any possibility of Cancer, and we take extreme measures. But I always carry the belief, that everything that exists in the world can be BOTH harmful and beneficial. It is a game of measurement, really.

We used to lack the degree of technology we have today, and technology has been beneficial to us greatly. But it has also been hazardous.

I know this, because growing up, when my father left work between 5 and 6 pm, he was DONE and could relax and spend time with his family. But now, how many people leave work with a phone still attached to their ear? They get home and check their e-mails. They put the kids to bed and then ignore their wives, because they love their lap- top. (I mean, NOT my husband, ahem, ahem...)

(okay - I realize that this post has taken an unexpected turn, so I will move back to SAD)

So many kids are spending way too much time indoors with their WII's and Playstations and not enough time worshiping the Sun. (Worship may be a little strong, but go out and ride a bike.)

And when they are out in the sun, their pores are submerged in chemically concocted UV ray blocking lotions.
So the new recommendation is to allow yourself and children to be exposed to the sun for approximately 20 minutes a day when the sun is not at it's peak.

But this time of year, in my City - there is no sun. It has gone to the other side of the world (to be scientifically correct, the other side of the world has gone to the sun, but, you know .... blogging license).

And I hope Australia is NOT taking it for granted. I want my sun back ... or a trip to Australia, because beggars can't be choosy.

For me personally, there is no substance, milk or supplements, that gets absorbed like the Sun does. I will pop my Vitamin D. pills in the mean time. I will kick my own ass into high gear, getting myself to jog, forcing myself out the door where I am met by gloom and miserable weather conditions. I will allow my children to be my "sunshine" in the morning.

But you better be kind to MY sun, Australia, and New Zealand, and Aboriginal People. Because, I want it back in pristine condition. And I want it back even BETTER than we had it this past summer. I want it back just raining down oodles and oodles of Vitamin D.

I am kind of SAD. Because I miss my Vitamin D.

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Candice said...

I LOVE fall and even winter as well, but I too, seem to have less energy in the winter.

The sun makes a huge difference in my mood and the way I feel.

It's pretty gloomy around here today, and I could easily do nothing but hang out in bed all day.

Must. Work. OUT.

Endorphins. Second best source of energy besides Vit D ;)

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I have to admit I am pretty diligent about sun screen usage around here. We are all very fair skinned and burn extremely easily. I do however have holes in my shield. I rarely make the kids use it when just out playing in the backyard (which has backfired a few times with mild burns). While I totally nag the girls about putting it on before going to the pool, I am not as good at remembering to use it once we have been there for several hours.
Hopefully these few instances will keep the girls vitamin D-full. We also rarely use it once the school year begins.
I would say I'm missing the sun but it's sunny here today and after tomorrow's rain will be for the rest of the week. Thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...

Well here In LA, the sun is shining quite bright and G-d bless the sun cuz it just makes me freakin happy.
I have always been told that I have an iron defienciency esp after I have babies. Never thought being Vitamin D deficient could cause the same result.
A trip to Fl or LA every winter sounds just about right for curing our wintertime blues.

- Miss S> said...

ok, let's just head on over to Cairns right now and borrow a bit of that precious sun!!!

Meet you there! We just cannot have you SAD said...

Wooooohoooooo! I'm caught up~

Lovin' my new laptop. Wish that my kids didn't need dinner, I would love to catch up on all of my fav blogs. You were first :)