Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Am On a High!

Hi! I'm Orah. Welcome to my blog.

Where I watch the news so you don't have to.

I will not give the Henne family one more minute of attention.
(Well, after this one more minute of course)

Let me just say, like many others


In my last post, which was written and posted within an hour and a half of discovering Falcon safely at home where he claimed to be hiding in a cardboard box in the attic,

I called it a HOAX.

Before balloon boy vomited twice the next day, on two separate morning shows when asked why he was hiding, before he stated on Larry King,
"We did it for the show..."

I said, that his whack job of a father hid him and CONVENIENTLY called a TV station helicopter instead of a Police or Fire rescue chopper to track his son "flying" in a balloon, to get himself some

I also saw some of his video scripted movie footage of the "mistaken" balloon launch, and let me just say,
his wife is not a very good actress, and his timing was off.

He yelled,
"Didn't I tell you not to let go of the (expletive) tethers."

At which point, she THEN let go of the (expletive) tethers and said, in a tiny voice,
"oh no."

They were already on a reality TV show called "Wife Swap" twice - where this "Bad Dad" displays much more questionable behavior for the cameras.

He met his wife in "acting" class.

He has been shopping around his own
"Reality TV Show" idea about the "Wacky and Crazy Henne Scientists", which was nixed by TLC.

And then he claims this was not a Hoax, because what would he gain from it...

Uh, I'm gonna go out on a limb here.....


I'll give you some attention FREAK.

And my attention comes in the form of a wiffle stick beating your A$$ for stealing hours of my life as I worried sincerely about a child who was not even my own.

I am on my way to Colorado and I want those hours back...
Oh, you better run.
And now I move on to this guy!

How ironic that he is referred to as a "Justice of the PEACE".

Where is the peace? Where is the love? Where is the lack of racism?

You claim not to be a racist, because, according to you racism implies,
"hating blacks"
"not treating everyone equally"

How is it treating everyone equally, if you choose to marry only same race couples and not mixed couples?

I mean, am I the retard here?

Because I watched the video, and I think you may have some wires crossed in that small brain of yours.

(I do not mean to offend any developmentally disabled people)

But, how slow are you? Are you drinking water from the Louisiana Bayou? Because, I hear that water can cause you to have some gnarly "offspring".

Oh, now I get it. Your parents drank from the Louisiana Bayou, and thus - you would be their "offspring".


Seriously, I do need to stop watching so much news. But the media makes it sooo much fun, because they never report on anything "seriously important" anymore. So, if it's not really "news worthy" news, that means I get to make fun of it. And I love making fun of people like Keith Bardwell.

"Everyone hates [you] and [you] don't know why."



Well, at least you love yourself.



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adinab said...

ok, the first thing you need to do is step away from the tv and/or computer and LEAVE YOUR HOUSE!!!! Aren't you supposed to be training for a marathon or something???? you need to be doing this outdoors...away from any electronic devices (except of course for some sort of music listening device b/c how could anyone run/walk without music? i think it's illegal anyway) then you need to get blinders....yes- i mean like the ones horses wear so as not to get distracted by any kind of outdoor media type thingys (that's a technical term) such as billboards, posters, busses.....i think you get my drift. after you have successfully accomplished both of these tasks for at least 7 days, let me know. then we can celebrate by doing something martha stewart crafty dunno, making potholders out of the grape leaves behind rayli's house.

Anonymous said...

Listen Orah, just keep doin what your doin....if u like all the media filled crazy stories, that is ur perrogative. Anyway, its all just an escape from reality, which is defenitely a nice thing to do once in awhile. Is it that much different than watching an episode of say, NT??? I say Not so much. So keep at it and we'll be all the more entertained for it!!
- Miss S. said...

I soooooo called it too!!!! I knew immediately after they found the balloon empty and identified the parents that it was a scam!

That video of the release...enough said.

Oh and that scumbag justice of the peace...let's go together and...well enough said again.

Once I got the puter up and running my work and family demanded my attention...that's just wrong!

Elisha said...

don't stop watching the news-it's the only way I know what's going on in the world!!! I need you or else I will be completely ignorant of world events. There, now you have a purpose for your addiction so it's ok. oh and i wasn't able to see the video on my work computer so i'll have to look at home.

Shira said...

Those people are seriously wacked.

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I think I must be the only person who had no idea what was going on until hours afterward...and then still didn't pay it any attention. The only things I know is any info gleaned off your blog.
So obviously you need to still watch the news so I can find out what is happening in the world!

Candice said...

I give you props!

You DID call it.

Those people are total nutjobs.

Julie said...

Now it's my turn...where are you girl?


Julie (wifemomnurse)