Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love Me Some Fat Babies

Baby Alex Lange with Mother Kelli Lange

This baby is 4 months old and weighs 18 pounds.

He was (originally) denied medical insurance coverage due to his "fat" tushy. I think they referred to baby fat as a "pre-existing condition"

Is the inability to distinguish between obesity and baby fat a pre-existing condition? Because if it is, then the folks at Rocky Mountain Health Plans should be denied coverage as well.

This baby is ALSO 4 months old and ALSO weighs 18 pounds.

He is also 27 inches long and in the 97th percentile for size of babies at this age.

Funny thing - we also call him "chunky monkey" just like the parents of FAT baby Alex do.

I think the insurance company should thank me and offer me a reduced rate for toting around 18 pounds on a regular basis. This causes my biceps to become more accentuated and allows me to burn calories as I build muscle, making me a much healthier individual, almost guaranteeing that Insurance company I call my own will NEVER have to pay out for my growing (or shrinking) healthy physique.

Fat babies really = a win win situation for the Insurance companies, the way I see it.

I guess they saw it too, which is why they changed their policies to include fat HEALTHY babies.

I mean, my 18 pound is very health conscious -

What is that saying?

"An apple a day keeps the Doctor away."

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Rayli said...

omg he looks so cute in the diaper pic! said...

you gotta be kidding me!!!!

Seriously. Denied by health insurance. Gimme a major break!!!

Now that little Bam, so darlin'. Lemme squeeze some of those cute cheekies!

One of my brothers was 25 lbs at 6 months. Go Bam!

Elisha said...

wow, I always have the opposite problem-M is probably 18 pounds right now and she is a year. wait, she might not even weigh that much! as long as they keep growing, right? he seriously is adorable!!!

adinab said...

btw, did you know that the dad of that "fat" baby is actually a news reporter on the west coast and after his baby was denied coverage he took the story on the air? hmmmm...wonder if the bad publicity had anything to do with them changing their dumbass minds....

ps. bam looks super cute in that pic!

Anonymous said...

I feel the need to pinch his "pulkees" and his tush too!
I haven't seen hme for a while, and I am having major BAM withdrawals ;)
- Miss "u know who I am"

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I read that story yesterday and was appalled. Not that we have ever had to deal with that. My last two didn't even hit 20 pounds by their first birthday.