Thursday, August 13, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game...


(more talk of a recent Israel trip) PLEASE STAND BY:

Cubs vs. Phillies


Shout out to the Cub's fan who soaked Shan
e Victorino with stale beer -


(They ejected the wrong guy)


I left the video feed up, but it is no longer there due to copyright infringement. The video clearly showed the guy who threw the beer and then showed a totally different guy being ejected. This particular video was actually posted by 2 guys who used their DVR to rewind and slow-motion the event and point out exactly what was happening.

But here is the clincher, what I just learned from Hun.

Last night, Hun kept looking for his secretary who was sitting 3 rows behind the Cubs dugout. Her family is hooked up with major season ticket seats. He even tried to get to her row at some point, but security would not let him close enough to find her ..... anyway.

I just learned, it was not only one guy who was ejected from the game. 4 whole rows behind the dugout were all hauled off to jail, including my husband's secretary. She just showed up to work in her Cubs t-shirt, straight from the slammer. I kid you not. And I still don't think they have the actual guy.

Our seats were awesome, the game was awful.

But, fun we had.

First, know
THIS about me. I am a huge sports fan. I always find it odd that I married a guy who is one of five boys and he only grew an interest in sports through me. Because he is not a sports freak, we hardly purchase tickets to sporting events. However, we tend to have connections guaranteeing us trips to sporting events from time to time.

When we lived in New Jersey, Hun's uncle had se
ason tickets to the Knicks games. We went often (always bringing hot dogs with). But I loathe New York sports teams, so I spend most of the time stalking curiously watching all the celebrities in the front row. (with binoculars of course) My two favorites. Watching Star Jones PRE - Gastric Bypass, chow down on nachos, foot longs, beer, more foot longs, more beer and nachos a la mode.

And David Blaine - the magician. During every time out and commercial break he would pull out a stack of cards and perform card tricks for those sitting around him.

We also went to a Jets game (that woul
d be football for you non-sportsters). They were playing the Steelers that day. While I was rooting for the Steelers, I was fortunate that I was not ACTUALLY wearing a Steelers Jersey. Because if you were sitting in the nosebleed section amongst all the die-hard, plastered, Jersey (as in New Jersey and Jersey wearing) Jet fans, and you were dumb enough to be wearing a Steelers Jersey - you were going home reeking of urine. Yes, that is right, I saw more than I needed when a Jet's fan actually peed on a Steeler's fan.

So getting doused with beer, Victorin
o, not so bad.

I would not have minded the Cubs losing last night, if they actually PLAYED a little. They didn't even try. 12-5, they were creamed, pummeled, dismembered.

The last time we went to the game, was last year for my Anniversary (Hun knows the way to my heart). He actually purchased THOSE tickets, and the Cubs were doing great last year, so he had to get them from Craigs List.

Hun is offered tickets, A LOT, by business associ
ates. They become season ticket holders, so we don't have to, and then we get FREE tickets. Which is great, because I would have hated the game last night even more if I had paid for it.

We were actually given four tickets to a game early in the season Cubs vs. Cardinals. That day - it poured and the game was canceled and re-scheduled as the day game of a double header. I was looking forward to taking the girls to the newly scheduled game, because I rather take them to a day game. I intend to make sports fans outta my kids, girls or boys, no difference. However, then we learned we were going to be in Israel on that date, so we would not be attending that game.

Last night we went to the game with my niece and her husband who are visiting from Israel. Because she is my brother's daughter - she is a sports fan as well.

Hun and I took the train and met them at the p
ark since they had been downtown all day. I came fully equipped with hot dogs, chips, pop-corn and grapes (all of which cost much less than 5.00 dollars each). Part of the laws of Kosher prohibit us from eating dairy with or immediately following the eating of meat. But we may have dairy, shortly before we eat the meat. So, someone came up with the bright idea that we get ourselves some ice-cream first, dessert before dinner.

Only, after we already walked off and the ice cream in the little Cubbie Hat bowls was becoming liquid oozing over the sides and down our arms did it dawn on us, that the same person with the bright idea to get the ice cream, failed to grab a stockpile of napkins. Thank G-d our seats were the four off an aisle, or unsuspecting people would have found droplets of Edy's ice cream on their laps.

And so we sat, and talked about our day and watched the Cubs bend over and... TRY to play baseball. We sat in some seats that were supposed to advertise something ( on some sort of TV (CLTV), so we got free T-shirts and free foam fingers (only it was a thumb, and I kinda wish it was that other finger). And if we wore the shirts we would get free Tar-Jay gift cards.


(Uh, that's Target by the way)

I think the only people who could enjoy this ga
me are Phillie fans, those who were plastered and blonds.

Seriously, we were more entertained by the blond chicks in front of us who were obviously there to support the Cubs, and yet - every time SOMEONE would score, they would jump up and start clapping, until it hit them that 12 out of 17 times, they were cheering for the opposing team.

If I start a web-site called Simple-minded, and post their pictures, do you think they would get excited because they think they are
"humble" and "full of mind"?

And the 3 stooges behind me, who could not even speak coherently due to their obvious level of intoxication .... every time they spilled their beer, my niece and I would feel spray on the back of our ankles. And holy showers, I hope to G-d it was beer and not some other "Golden" spray, because come to think of it, I never saw them get up to go to the bathroom.

Seriously, check out my new website "Sh#@faced" and look for your picture.

(That one on the right just knew I had a website and so he got smart).

So we sat there and then waved like dorks when the CLTV camera dude came by.

We continued to watch the Cubs take a pounding...

but don't we look like we are having fun
(newlyweds on the left, aren't they adorable)

Well of course we were having fun, check out all the FREE loot I came away with...

And on the way out, totally defeated, out of the GAZILLIONS of people there, I actually bumped into someone from my community who also happens to read my blog. I will call her "blackberry"


So my Cubbies lost, yet again - I still LOVE 'em. Even if it means I have to wait 40 minutes in line to get into the Subway.

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Shosh said...

how did the secretary get arrested if she was sitting behind the dugout?

Orah said...

Don't know Shosh, either Hun is mistaken and she was not sitting behind the dugout, but rather where the beer throwing took place, or She has some explaining to do, because as I asked Hun - maybe she just got hammered and fell asleep somewhere and woke up late and made up the story. She was at the game. She claims she is in one of the Youtube videos (which are now outlawed), but Hun does not care to verify. Or something else happened behind the dugout to get 4 rows hauled off.

Anonymous said...

Forget watching the crappy Knicks (not nicks, btw), I woulda paid full price just to see Star stuffing her face. Gastric bypass or not , I bet she still chows down!!
- Those blond chicks are dummer than me (well maybe not). Bet, THEY wouldnt of have minded being peed on, ahhhhhh so refreshing on a warm August night!
- Miss S.

Shosh said...

well, the guy turned himself in so all the fun is over. at the time everyone was cheering for him, but i feel like he's about to go down in history like bartman

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Woohoo to free loot! Boo to your hubby's secretary getting dragged tot he slammer! Sounds like a crazy outing for all!

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Wow! Things like that never happen when we manage to go to a game. I am so jealous of the Target card! Too cool!! said...

Sorry about your team!

Glad you did not land up in the slammer! Oh my!

Really, free target cards...Now YOU are the one who really SCORED!

Glad to be back to blogging!