Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday - In Pictures ............ Loads Of Pictures

Sunday in Israel is a workday, but WE were on vacation. So we could go crazy, right?


We had to be ready (according to my sister) at 5:45 PM in a hall in Har Nof, Jerusalem for family pictures at the Bar Mitzvah dinner. So, once again, we could only go so far away, to tour Israel. Which is almost a moot point, since all of Israel is probably 3 hours from one end to the other...

So we chose a fun-filled destination for the kiddies called "Kuvtzah Ba".

It's an odd sort of amusement park. It houses, anything from bumper cars and go-carts, to climbing areas, jumping jacks, boating, as well as an indoor area that is Israeli's version of a partitioned "Children's Museum", and another indoor area that was pretty much an arcade.

When we arrived, the place was packed with ill behaved children a myriad of different camps creating long lines for every ride. Like most amusement parks, we spent the better half of the first couple hours on lines - WAITING. And I spent the better half of the time yelling in Hebrew at children who were very generously shoving my kids aside to budge them in line. YES I WAS YELLING AT CHILDREN!!! Only one problem, the children causing the problems did not understand Hebrew or English, because they were not Israeli. And I won't mention what "Nationality" they were, but I should learn Arabic.

This one boy in particular, was constantly pushing m
y kids and pompously walking right up in front of them at the motorcycle ride "Ate's fave" that the guy running that ride just stopped letting him in altogether.

The kids had soooooo much fun at this place, they did not want to leave. But we had those dang lovely family portrait taking we had to get to. So we bribed them with some yummm Israeli ices and ice-cream (Magnum anyone).

He just needs a bigger gut and a beer and he would complete the "white trash" look.

They were not the only kids having fun...

This would be my "mature" younger brother. He was shooting air balls



This would be Hun (I know, grainy pictures. It was dark in there.)

They were also shooting at random kids and when they could not reach their target with the air gun, they would just pelt the kids by hand.

Yes ... very mature of them.

It was fun while it lasted, but time's a tickin' and we need to bathe, dress and get to that Bar Mitzvah dinner in time for family photos.

(These are not the professional pictures taken)

This is a picture of my immediate family. I numbered my siblings and myself from oldest to youngest. I would be number 6. Number 4 is the one making the Bar Mitzvah. Number 2 DOES INDEED have eyes. And there is 21 years difference between number 1 and number 7.

This is ALMOST everyone. My sis (number 1) and her family of 9 had already left at this point. We are also missing a couple more. Those are my parents up front.

I love this one of Ate wearing his cousin's hat. Something about his pose, his pin striped suit and his winged tip shoes cries out "MAFIA". (Don't call him "Sonny")

This is my niece who got married in May. The wedding I missed,

because of...............

.........THIS DUDE!

And some more family...

My 6 foot 2 inch tall BABY brother and his wife and kids. We call them the "ARYAN" family. Take one wild guess why. He is the one other family that lives in Chicago. He is also the one that started the air ball war. And just a bit of family trivia - at 6' 2" he is the tallest in the family, while I am the shortest at 5' 6".

My oldest sis and her brood. They were missing from the earlier family picture. YES, that IS my brother-in-law on the left.

My brother (number 5) on the left and the Bar Mitzvah boy on the right.

A table full of cousins.

And this would be ..... US!

Well, that was Sunday in a nutshell. I have a GAZILLION more pictures from just this one day of the week, but I will spare you more torture. It seems blogging offers the same excitement one used to experience when they got sucked into that vortex at their friends house when it was time for "The Vacation Slide Show".

Just wait until I post about Monday ...

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics, Wench. Looks like everyone's kids had a smashing time at that amusement park place minus the Arabic meany boy.
Keep those pics coming!
- Miss S.

Anonymous said...

تضيع خاسر

That up there is what you shoulda said to that mean boy, who just happened to be Arabic ( I aint no hater)
Wanna know what it means??

- Miss. S said...

oh stop! I enjoyed looking at your family pix. Your portrait came out well! The girls dresses are adorable!

I meant to ask you, did you say that every Sabbath you dress up your family like an american holiday?
You have a big family! I am one of 6 kids and I thought ours was big...but yours, WOW!

Ok, tell me more about your trip...

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

What great pictures! I am so enjoying reading about your trip. I have missed blogging soooo much. We are once again out of town after being home only 4 days but at least this time I have my laptop with me so I can catch up on everyone else and maybe update my own poor blog too.