Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not Me Monday - "Children Style"

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival of sweet children antics was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else's children have not been doing this week.

It was not THESE three children who had a FABULOUS time at Kiddieland yesterday.

I certainly did not allow my children to drink unG-dly amounts of caffeine because there was a free Pepsi soda fountain available ALL DAY at Kiddieland.

The caffeine storming through their blood streams did not propel them along this particular ride.

It is not my almost seven year old child who FINALLY has a loose tooth, about a year behind most of her friends. She is
not now walking around with her finger practically glued to said tooth, to hasten the tooth loss. This does not annoy me. I would never be disgusted by that sort of behavior.

It is not my five year old daughter who still enjoys placing balls in her shirt and in addition, she did not move on to keeping shirts dangling from her head to mimic the feeling of long flowing hair. She does not have a mother who is really not surprised about whose loins she came from. This is also NOT the same girl who asked begged to have a first sleepover with a 5 year old boy named "Bo"

It is NOT my adorable three year old boy who took a chair, climbed into a cabinet to retrieve a screwdriver and then succeeded to change the batteries in his obnoxious noise making fire truck because his Mom was avoiding this terror at all costs not "sure" where the screwdriver was, even though aforementioned boy kept telling her EXACTLY where the screwdriver was.

And it was not this adorable 13 week old boy -

- who twice, was placed on his belly and then found on his back. If only he would be so kind to show me how THAT happened...

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Lauren said...

Love your post! And... Izzy (my two year old's) full name is Israel so the bottom picture really caught my attention. :) How cute.

Anyway... my brothers are adopted and they are 6 and 7. My kids are 1 and 2. So yes, they could be siblings - really. :)

My brothers do not like to be called uncles they prefer "Mister." Ha! I love kids. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Oooooooooooh, sleepover w/ a boy???? Ro, I am shocked and dismayed!!
Wait a min., Ate changed batteries to a toy himself and Bam rolled over and u didnt notice all that?? Boy, O, your really on the ball!!
- Miss S.

The Thompsons said...

ha ha it!

Shop with Me Mama said...

Way too funny! your kids are so adorable! Happy Monday! said...

That little guy is rolling over already?!!!

I can so relate to the late tooth fairy. My kids were late to get the teeth and late to have them fall out. They were frustrated for at least a year.

Glad that the big Kiddieland Adventure was fun!