Monday, April 19, 2010

Blooming So

I've said it before and I'll say it again -

carpool with six girls under the age of 7 is highly entertaining.

So I give you another installment of

"Carpool Theater".

(all names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.)

So: Zelda, I made us a cool project for the summer. I got a box and made different sections and plastic bags all marked to hold different flowers that we'll collect.

(why So does these things and alone, can keep the plastic baggie industry afloat is it's own post for another time)

Beth: So, why you collecting flowers, they are just gonna be dead.

So: It's a project for me and Zelda, right Zelda?

Zelda: Right!

Beth: But the flowers will be dead and won't have any color.

So: The flowers will have color.

Elle: (with her Barbra Walters speech impediment) Beth is wight. Fwowas wiw die. When you take them fwom the gwound you KIW them.

So: It doesn't matter. We are going to flatten them, and they will have color. And we will flatten them in between the plastic.

Elle: Why you going to KIW fwowas? Those awe G-d's cweation. You can't kill G-ds cweatues.

So: We can take them for doing experiments and we can flatten them and hang them in a frame at the end of the summer.

Beth: Huh? How do you hang flowers in a frame.

So: And we can do experiments with the flowers.

Beth: But how do you hang flowers in a frame?

Elle: You can't KIW fwowas for no weason.

So: It can be for good reasons. Like we can make it into art for a wedding gift.
(whose wedding is that girl going to?)

Elle: You stiw a fwowa kiwwa (roughly translated - you still a flower killer)

So: Scientists do it all the time, anyway.

Beth: But So, the flowers won't look nice when they are dead.

So: The kind of flowers we are picking won't lose color.

Beth: How do you know?

So: I read books on flowers.

Elle: Maybe the books awe lying.

So: The books are non fiction.

Beth: How do you know the books are non fiction

So: It says it on the spine of the book.

Elle: Maybe the wibwawy (library) is wying.

So: Libraries don't lie. There is a sticker on the spine of the book and it says non fiction

Beth: I go to the Library all the time, I did not see a book on flowers.

So: Not the school Library, The Chicago Public Library.

Beth: Yeah, I go to the Chicago Library all the time, I never see books on flowers.

So: It's in the non fiction flower section.

Beth: I was in that section, I never saw it.

So: Maybe it was checked out when you were there.

Elle: You stiw shouldn't kiw fwowas. You can't kill G-d's cweatures.

So: But we kill animals and eat them.

And with that we arrive to school.

Too bad. After the flower project, flower killer, library locating non fiction flower book lessons, I was curious where the animal killing conversation would go.

I unloaded the car, and as So stepped out and looked worn out from defending her brilliantly planned flower project, I gave her a huge kiss on her head and told her she was my favorite "So" flower.

2 have shown Orah a little love: said...

What a the way you depicted the speech of Elle. Funny.

Wow, they should be on a debate team :)

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Isn't it funny to listen to how kids' minds work?!