Thursday, April 22, 2010

Attack Baby

Wow! Babies can be dangerous.

My nephew A. who is two months older than Bam is a biter. His siblings and anyone curious enough to want to hold or play with that little bundle of joy is forewarned.

My Bam is sweet as honey in nature. Suffice it t
o say, he wouldn't hurt any one of the 30 or so ants that keep crawling by my front door (unless you consider when he tries to eat one).

Having said that, his hands are .... how shall I put it ....

quite hazardous.

I feel as if I should wrap him in police tape,

"Warning, do not cross!!! DANGER DANGER!!!"

He will whack you in the face to see your response. He likes to grab your ears and try to rip them off. His nails seem to
grow back as soon as I cut them, more lethal than they were before. He likes to collect some of your skin beneath those lethal weapons. He practices his newly acquired pointing skills right in your eye. And his favorite victim is his unsuspecting sister Ro.

But having said all that, I would like to reemphasize

Bam is sweet as apple pie, by nature.

Although it may be more like sugar free apple pie.

"What, me trouble?"

Imagine if you will, any species of CAT. Laying in wait .... ready to pounce at any moment. Imagine as a small animal, maybe a rodent is near by. And just as it attempts to run past the cat....


A cute little paw, slams down on it's tail, taunting and terrorizing the small unsuspecting rodent.

Yep! That pretty much sums up this boy.

Bam is as sweet as pure sugar on a stick. But watch out for those cute, chubby paws.

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Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

He is so big! My girls were not even at the 20 pound mark for their 1st birthday. He is soooo cute too! I'm sure that makes up for the fact that his hands are "hazardous".

Elisha said...

super cute pics!!! and baby fingernails are razor-sharp said...

I'm sorry, but I hate to go up against you, but...

I just cannot believe that boy is anything but darling, sweet, gentle, and loving


(I will take a flying hand any day over a biter! yikes!)

Shira said...

hes so cute!!

Anonymous said...

That boy is sick cute....!!

- Miss S.