Monday, February 15, 2010

This Race Is L - I - C - K - E - D !!!!

Sleep escaped me. I mean, Bam coughing (oh di
d I mention the obnoxious cough he came down with in Miami) and Hun's snoring aside, I just could not get a good night's sleep.

I set my phone to go off at 3:45, but of course I w
as already awake before then. By the way, to the makers of LG phones - do you have to make the LCD screens so friggin' bright. I swear my eyeballs were burning.

I got my running gear on and makeup. Oh, y
es, I put on makeup before a 13.1 mile run. I mean, how crappy do I have to look? Truth be told though, I probably looked worse with the makeup, seeing as I put it on in the dark. I did not want to wake Hun and Bam, because I am a kind and considerate wife and mother. So I also got down on the extremely cold tile floor near the bathroom area (away from the carpeted sleeping quarters) to do my stretching, so as not to wake the family. That woke the rest of me up as soon as I sat down.

I double checked that all the baby gear and formula and clothing was all in place for Bam, as Hun was to get him ready at 6 something and get to the spectator shuttle by 7:30. I would already be running by then.

I ate a banana and a granola bar and drank a full
16 oz bottle of water as I waited in the lobby with the other members of "Team Lifeline" just before 4:30 when we would board the shuttle to the start line.

A whole bunch of us Chicago to Miami marathoners at 4:30 AM
Don't we look bright eyed and bushy tailed?

My feelings at this point, and pretty much all the way through the end of the race, were neutral. I can't really explain it. I was not nervous. I was not overly excited. I was not scared. I was not anxious. I just ...... was.

I embarked the shuttle and arrived outside the arena and walked casually along with my friend Rayli as if I was goin
g ..... anywhere. I could have been walking into a mall, or a concert, it did not matter what exactly I was about to do, there was no noticeable emotion to make any distinction to me between running a half marathon and walking upstairs to take a shower.

We exited the shuttle and noticed all the lines in front of porta potties and then we came up with the brilliant idea to run across the street to the "Holiday Inn" and use a proper, working, fl
ushable toilet. And obviously many before us had the same idea because that bathroom stench was just the same as a porta potty. But at least I did not have to worry about accidentally glancing down a hole and seeing way more than I needed to.

I went with Rayli to check in her gear (which was nice of me, considering I specifically brought nothing with me because
I did not want to spend time at gear check) and then we had to find our starting corrals.

We went looking for corral "J" but saw no one else from "Team Lifeline" and then finally noticed the entire team at the start line. A picture of the entire team was about to be taken and we showed up just in time to be hardly seen on the far right end, but we are in the shot nonetheless.

If you look all the way to your left and find the black and white "White Sox" hat, then you have found me. It's like playing "Where's Waldo"...


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Anonymous said...

Love this :)
Congratulations on the 1/2 marathon, such an accomplishment!

Lesli said...

That is so awesome.. Congratulations!! I would love to be able to do something like this.. congratulations, you should be very proud!

elisha said...

great job!!!

Rayli said...

since you did make fun o me AGAIN! I will just let all your readers know that i finished 21 minutes before you.... 2 hours 32 minutes. Just Saying....

Orah said...

I stand corrected Rayli. For some reason I thought your time was 2:36. I'm still gonna make fun of you though... Just saying...

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Congratulations!! I don't think I could even run a 1/2 marathon when I was still in the Army and actually *in* shape. You go girl!!! said...

Great job!
What an awesome feat. I admire that you could run that far! And ahead of thousands! Yeah :)