Monday, February 8, 2010

Friday Is Licked And So Is Saturday, Just One More Lick Away

Friday morning was all about me sleeping late. Bam was accommodating. My three kids who were almost 1200 miles away were MORE than accommodating ............. just by NOT
being there.

I had no one to get up and make sure they were dressed, fed, with teeth and hair brushed, in cold weather gear, waiting at the door without killing someone or breaking something by 8 AM. Those few extra hours in the morning, I believe is what they refer to as ...


(which is actually how it's said in Miami where more people speak Spanish per Capita)

It was also heavenly bliss.

When Bam woke up, my lovely Hun took care of him while I ironed Hun's brand new "wrinkle free" white dress shirts.

(why do they call those things wrinkle free?)

Then we ate breakfast on our balcony, overlooking this -

Then I turned around and had another most beautiful view -

He loved rolling around on the floor near the open balcony door with fresh Ocean breezes kissing his nose and tickling his toes.


At about 11 AM, Hun, Bam and I went off to the pool where we sat and gabbed with some f

And then Hun went off to make that conference call. The one he said he needed to make at 12:30, and it would only take 15 minutes.

45 minutes later, my supposed food source (Hun, that is) was still MIA and I was HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF.

It took him another hour to get to the pizza place, get the CORRECT order and get back to the pool, at which time I seriously stuffed my face.

And alas, we were nearing Sundown, which means the Sabbath was upon us. So I headed to my rain shower which as of now, only exists in Vacaciones Heaven, and I had a nice hot one.

Hun was actually with Bam, visiting his Grandparents. Another "conference" that he was sure would only take 30 min
utes. But traffic and needy Grandparents make it more like, an hour and 15. And if you don't know about Hun by now, he has no concept of time and space.

Because I was dressed with hair blown straight (why I bothered in a City that has the highest humidity level ever, I don't know) it was up to Hun to get Bam bathed, and the simplest way to do that was to take him under that glorious "rain
" shower.

I had no idea how Bam would react, he has never showered before. I thought that water cascading over his head continuously might cause him to erupt in tears, but I was wrong.

He looooooooooooooved that "rain" shower just as much as his Mommy did. And his plump ASSets, looked so cute hanging over Hun's arm. It's just a damn shame that it would have been highly inappropriate for me to take a picture.

Sabbath is all about rest and relaxation and the camaraderie that was the "Team Lifeline" gathering during meals an
d hang time.

In the early afternoon, Saturday, I spent time by the pool with friends talking about such things that included words such as,
"Weed whacking"


I will just end this by saying, it's a good thing that Hun was NOT within earshot.

I took a late nap and woke up just in time for the Sab
bath to end at 7 PM.

At 8 PM, we all got together in the dining room for a Pre-race pasta party.

We were egged on by VERY LOUD cowbells.

We were stirred up by words from families who
benefit from "Chai Lifeline's" services.

We were motivated by words from our Token professional marathoner and "Team Lifeline" on hand trainer -
Toby Tanser.

He pretty much told us it was going to be 90% humidity during the run and we should drink.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY - HUMIDITY!!! Just what I trained for in 32 degree, VERY DRY, weather in Chicago for 12 weeks.

The camaraderie was amaaaazing.

The pasta ...., NOT SO MUCH

(I did not then go back to my room and eat cold pizza leftover from Friday... Mmmm, Mmmm
, not me.)

A Chicago Contingency at the pasta party.

Hi Rayli!

That would be a swarm of people around the pasta table.

I actually felt a migraine coming on. I wonder if it had something to do with the cowbells.

So I took myself two Tylenol and high tailed it off to bed. I had to ATTEMPT to get some sleep, RACE DAY is upon us at 4 AM.

One more "lick" my friends, and all my work and training will culminate in just a few hours.

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Rayli said...

you ironed on vacation???? you shouldn't be ironing ever, but especially not on vacay!!!

I think the frummies loved our shabbos discussion.... that is till they left.

It was such a fun weekend! And I miss that shower terribly!!!!

One last thing... miami and my hair are a bad combination... worst part of the trip was trying to do my hair!

Anonymous said...

DAMMMMMIT, I missed laser weedwacking Brazilian convo? HAHAHA, all the frummies walked away from that convo? Now WTH would they do that?
Nice view from your hotel room. I wonder what that view looked the next day during the "mabul."
- Miss S. said...

I love hearing about this trip. It does sound heavenly!!!

Blissful rest and relaxation (at least to this point in the tootsie :)

Your little bamalama is so darling :)

Ok, here is you eating spagetti :)_ see it coming from the corner of your mouth :)

Can't wait to hear about the race.

Oh yeah, did the earth quake at your house this morning?